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  1. Review - GreatNews

    1.0 Beta Build 354 (Jan 16, 2006)

    The best thing about greatnews is that is uses the SQlite library so it is incredibly fast.

  2. Review - Trillian

    3.0 Alpha 1 (Nov 7, 2004)

    So far so good i really like the new laout of the prefrences panel

  3. Review - Nvu for Windows

    0.50 (Oct 16, 2004)

    Syntax highliting will be very nice :D

    Anyways this is good for the fact that it is free and it is at version .50 but it's no Dreamweaver or Golive. But it's pretty good i guess.

  4. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows

    0.9 (Jun 15, 2004)

    The best browser there is been using this since 0.6 and it gets better with each release 0.9 is much more stable than 0.8.

  5. Review - Mozilla Firefox for Windows

    0.9 RC (Jun 10, 2004)

    Very awesome i test around 3 nightlys a week and i can say that starting in june it has gotten VERY stable much more stable than firefox 0.8.

    The best new feature will be the ability to un-install extensions and the ability to update them :D

  6. Comment - Opera Browser to be Included in Wii

    0.9 RC (May 10, 2006 - 4:03 PM)

    Awesome news :D

  7. Comment - Cisco, Researcher Settle Flaw Tussle

    0.9 RC (Jul 29, 2005 - 2:43 PM)

    What an idiot you shouldn't quit your employer just to get a speaking gig continue to work there and fix the problem.

  8. Comment - Microsoft: No Public Beta 1 of IE7

    0.9 RC (Jul 28, 2005 - 12:55 AM)

    I abhor the fact that you link to the "pirated" file.

  9. Comment - Comcast to Boost Cable Internet Speeds

    0.9 RC (Jul 12, 2005 - 2:07 PM)

    Yeah i have comcast in wa state and i get outages everyonce in a while, but more speed is always nice and like 1 person said more upload would be nice as well. Espically when i'm ftp'ing funny picures to my website.

  10. Comment - DivX 6 Format Offers Alternative to DVD

    0.9 RC (Jun 16, 2005 - 12:59 AM)

    "The DivX format has been extremely popular among content creators due to its ability to compress video into files 10 times smaller than standard MPEG-2 used in DVD, without compromising quality."

    You mean without compromising much quality. ;) Is this a press release or a news article :p