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Watchlisted Maxthon Cloud for Windows

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows Beta

Lots of little bug fixes and improvements being made with this 5.x version. Now my main go to browser. Hope this project sticks around. My prior main browser Firefox went south on me somewhere between version 45 and 52,and not a big fan of Chrome,... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool 5.29

Handy tool. I did notice Windows 7 was not available with this of recent, but this update does offer some Windows 7 versions as per their site, and will add more if all goes OK. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 58.0

I've tried and tried and tried to resolve recent Firefox issue of stuttering animations, like on Bing homepage if they have an animated daily wallpaper, or with videos, including live streaming like on Xfinity TV. Issue happens on both Win7 32-bit... Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows Beta

Improvements since last review. Disqus comments load on certain sites where before they would not.

If it had sidebar bookmarks I'd give it 5 stars, I hate pop-downs. Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Flash Player for Windows (Firefox/Safari/Opera)

I tried v25 of recent, some real issues, flickering, screen areas going black, drag, etc untiI closed browser and reopened.. Went to last updated version of v18.x that was once part of the Extended Service Release version. Now Adobe has chosen not... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 58.0

Been having black screen flashes and flickering within the browser with the recent Firefox update on two PCs, was rare, but happening nonetheless. Hopefully this release fixes it, being they state it also has stability fixes.

3 stars because of... Read full review

Reviewed Malwarebytes (Beta) Beta 2

This is a nice improvement, much less drag on the overall system as compared to last version. I typically stick with older systems until they die, so I can tell when a program is being a drag. Might it miss some malware, probably not, as some are... Read full review

Reviewed AIMP 4.50.2058

I'm back to using AIMP, for Windows 10 on home theater system. The available Unfavourable skin is just absolutely awesome. The LP skin is good as well for a smaller mp3 avi window. I don't bother with the EQ, I use the sound driver properties EQ... Read full review

Reviewed Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.13

This hasn't been updated on SourceForge for a couple versions now. I like to get the standalone filters to go with the player but all that's available now is for version 1.7.9 along with its accompanying older version player. This new version... Read full review

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