Mo-Search 5.6.1

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Windows (All) / Shareware; $29.95 / 7,285 downloads

Mo-Search is a secure, powerful and easy to use Desktop Search designed to get control of your computer's data. By quickly and easily locating files and lost data, your time once again becomes your own.

Mo-Search makes searching easy: Just enter a word (or phrase) and press search. Optionally specify any combination of Path and Filename/extension (or Search Domain). Wildcards can also be used in any of these fields. The Results list automatically Sorts by relevance, but can also Sort by name, location (path), size, modified date, and further Filter by file type. The FileViewer provides quick navigation of matching files, as well as other tools: Email (file attachment or excerpt), Print, Word Counts, File Properties, File Index, and more. The AutoIndexer continually updates your index using industry standard iFilter, plus a host of indexers. A suite of other tools are also included: Duplicate files detection and cleanup, File type analysis, Whois internet lookup, and File index analysis.

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  • Limitations

    Yes - 40 day timeout

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  • Latest Changes

    - Optimization: Faster indexing during initial index build (ModN), plus when adding many files into an existing index (approx 10% faster than 5.5.0)

    - Optimization: AutoIndexer: Efficiently handle File and Folder renames (e.g. rename row(s) in Db, plus update/invalidate caches)

    - Optimization: AutoIndexer automatically updates stale SQLCE database statistics hourly (previously only done upon manual re-index) and displays details in the AutoIndexer History list

    - Optimization: Faster searching of some wildcards due to QueryPlan accommodating double the number of PlanIDs

    - Optimization: Faster folder navigation in Explore mode

    - Optimization: Faster file extension searching when [Search Acceleration] is enabled: Expensive URI table scans converted into ExtID lookup QueryPlans, which are faster on most extensions (note: Very un-selective/common extensions may results in slightly l

Reviews of Mo-Search

  1. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 4.0.16 (Apr 30, 2012)

    Mo-Search *will* take longer to build the initial index because it indexes: file names AND file content too (Locate32 does NOT index file content). Once this initial index is built (33 minutes for me with 163,000 files/80 million words), the index is auto updated.

    Locate32 works fine but doesn't search inside files, which is what I need daily.

    @NyaR – how many Files & Words were indexed in those two hours? I bet a lot.

  2. 4 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 4.0.16 (Apr 30, 2012)

    Thanks for making the app but it is unusable to me... nearly an hour to scan two terabytes of drives? Locate32 does this in minutes.

  3. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 4.0.14 (Feb 22, 2012)

    Mo-Search saved my life - or at least hours and hours of work. I've been doing a lot of revision of a lengthy academic paper and in cutting and pasting footnotes, I lost some of my original source documentation. Fortunately, I had saved a pre-revision copy and, with appropriate word choices, I was able to use Mo-Search to find the unedited footnotes in the unrevised manuscript to get me straightened out again in the revision document. I have lots and lots of Word files on my computer and I've found this program to be a tremendous help. You have to noodle around in it a bit to find all the features, but it's worth it. One hint I've found is that when you get ready to open a Word document (either file or folder), you can click on Mo-Search from that screen and search just that file or folder. It really is a terrific program. Thank you to the software writer for making it available.

  4. 1 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 4.0.13 (Jan 4, 2012)

    I have given up on my favorite search tool, "Everything", because it's out of development. I am auditioning every search tool I can find, but nothing is close to Everything so far.

    This one is just awful. It got off on the wrong foot instantly when it tried to install into my personal Users folder structure. That's a no-no, and highly unprofessional. It took about 15 minutes for the initial indexing, and I have a very fast PC with SSD. When you type into the search box, it seems to freeze. The tool bar at the bottom pops up when it feels like it. I tell you, I couldn't uninstall this program fast enough! Because of the high ratings, I assume these things will be fixed, but that will not bring me back. I just don't like the whole GUI or the way it works period. It doesn't even have hypertext, which is instant in Everything. Uninstalling it left behind some junk registry entries, which Revo Uninstaller swatted. Still looking for a good search tool in current development!

  5. 5 out of 5 stars

    Reviewing 4.0.5 (Jul 18, 2011)

    This is a great search engine. The writer of the software has been updating and made changes that seem to have worked out the few minor kinks - auto indexing is now available, for one thing. The program has always been fast, but the indexing is now much faster. It's also gotten easier to use. I have thousands of Word files on my computer and when I am searching for one I cna't find, the program easily finds it for me, either through a single word search or combination of words. I can preview the document, scroll through it, and then, if it's the one I need, open it with a click. It's slick and reliable and has saved me many hours of fruitless labor trying to find the information I am looking for. Great program - and it's free. What more a person ask for?

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