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Member since December 4, 2006

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    Peter Burns

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    United States of America

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  1. Review - Pale Moon

    25.4.0 (May 8, 2015)

    Still a good browser. For people having problems with add on's, just go to that add on's website. Click on- view other versions and you should see an older versions of that add on that will work with Pale Moon. If you dont see view older versions, toggle down to the bottom of that page to version Information. Once you find a version that works, I just right click over the download button and save target as, and than you have a copy of that add on for future use. Its a pain, but blame Firefox for all this bs with its constantly changing formats and what not.

  2. Review - Pale Moon

    25.3.2 (Apr 27, 2015)

    I've only had a few sites have probs with the way it see's this version. But I understand the complaints. I still use pale moon, but have converted fully to Seamonkey for most of my browsing since it seems to be inline with firefox as far as the latest version compatibility.

  3. Review - Classic Shell

    4.2.1 (Apr 20, 2015)

    Judging this from a Win 8.1 perspective. Works great. I like the win 7 option. This will probably be the reason I do the upgrade to win 10 if the start menu in win 10 turns out to be a problem. Hard to tell from pics of pre win 10 if its a true start menu or not. Either way, this is worth a shot if you hate your current start set up look.

  4. Review - Mozilla Firefox (32-bit Beta)

    36.0 Beta 9 (Feb 13, 2015)

    People still use firefox? whoa...

  5. Review - LibreOffice for Windows

    4.4.0 RC2 (Jan 23, 2015)

    Nothing wrong with this software. For me it does what it needs to do, opens word, power point and excel files. I downloaded both this and Apache Open office. Basically the same thing. Even opened the same doc in both. Beside the UI it had the same functionality. Both work well. Saw some complaints about the spell check. Worked fine for me.

  6. Comment - Not even Huffington Post or TechCrunch could save AOL, which value plummeted over 25% today

    4.4.0 RC2 (Aug 11, 2011 - 8:50 AM)

    Like a previous user said, AOL is still around?

  7. Comment - We want your Windows XP memories

    4.4.0 RC2 (Aug 9, 2011 - 9:03 AM)

    Oh if i could only downgrade my pos Windows 7 for XP. But when u jump the shark, you can't go back..

  8. Comment - We want your Windows XP memories

    4.4.0 RC2 (Jul 14, 2011 - 7:14 AM)

    If i could downgrade to xp from my crappy windows 7, I would do it in a heartbeat. XP was the high point for Microsoft. They have jumped the shark in a big way. Unlike a normal company that releases a good product, than continues it, Microsoft keeps jamming down the users throat, newer, crappier product lines, like the new IE9 and windows 7.

  9. Comment - Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 is to die for

    4.4.0 RC2 (Jul 6, 2011 - 8:23 AM)

    People still use IE? whoa...

  10. Comment - When do you want Windows 8?

    4.4.0 RC2 (Jun 18, 2011 - 7:21 AM)

    And u thought windows 7 was bad. 8 will be the final trainwreck that will push people to other os's.