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Member since August 27, 2003

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    Dark Wizard

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    United States of America

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  1. Review - SeaMonkey for Windows

    2.38 (Sep 30, 2015)

    This has been my Default Browser forever! Definitely The Best!!!! It amazes me how many IT people have asked me over the years what browser are you using.... Though because K-Meleon finally released a new version (which is fastest browser, period), I switch between both.

  2. Review - The GIMP

    2.8.0 (May 7, 2012)

    Don't worry BetaNews Roj gave "The Gimp" 5 Stars, no need to "RATE" this software anymore because he's the FINAL WORD..... Well, at least in his DREAMS! I love how he tries to talk intelligent, but we all know better. It probably takes him half a day to write a paragraph of this nature. He's clearly not being himself because he's putting way to much effort into being someone, he's clearly not.

  3. Review - NirLauncher

    1.11.54 (May 7, 2012)

    It's getting a little ridiculous to constantly have to download updates every week. A Auto-Updater should be there priority, it would be simple to implement especially for a company that belongs to Microsoft.

  4. Review - Ad Muncher

    4.93 Beta Build 33502 (May 2, 2012)

    In response
    @Zootopia3001: Just because I've never had any performance issues with this product, doesn't mean I'm a fan boy. It's just "Fact" and I'm not going to come up with bull-crap stories like some people. I can't help that you don't know how to optimize your browser performance. The only issue I've experienced with Ad-Muncher is on T-Mobiles "Bill Pay" Portal. A simple Ctrl - Right Click to add to "Don't Filter" list. God forbid that's so difficult. The "Fact" is there are millions of websites out there, there's going to be issues. Ad Block+ has plenty of it's own issues and doesn't work in Alpha, Beta versions of Mozilla and Chrome based browsers until Updates are released.
    Note: Also very very recently would be defined as a month ago which is inaccurate, its been at least 6 months since the No Browser Plugin (required) edition was released.
    *I would suggest you get a life, instead of coming up with "CRAP" to make yourself feel relevant. Clearly, your not intelligent enough to develop your own software, so stop moaning and groaning.
    Whats $29.95 per year (daily updates) when you have a product that you rarely ever have to touch, blocks every ad imaginable and works in the background without a browser plug-in. I've had my license since 2003, so I'm except from the yearly fee and I'd have no problem paying yearly. I've definitely gotten my money's worth over and over again.

    Also to the idiot that says this application slows your browser experience, your completely wrong! I went from a 50mb/s Cable connection to a 1.5mb/s DSL connection and this application makes a world of difference, especially in combination with SeaMonkey 2.9.1 and Ghostery.

  5. Review - FlashFXP (Apr 23, 2012)

    I'm pretty sure "thezelda" and "ccie" are the same person. The fact is if these allegations where "True", information would have been already made available to support this theory. But of coarse, there's nothing to the contrary.

    Like I said before, I been using FlashFXP for years and have never experienced any "suspicious" outgoing connectivity. So personally I believe all of this is complete "bull", especially coming from a person that clearly has no idea what there talking about.

    More then likely, this is either an Ex-Employee or Ex-Friend who is suffering from jealousy and delusions, because nobody in there right mind would be posting this crap on BetaNews without proof.

  6. Comment - IE9 Tech Preview beats latest Firefox alpha, as Chrome 5 clobbers King Opera (Mar 22, 2010 - 11:54 PM)

    Chrome 5.0.356.2 Dev: 23.32 vs Opera 10.51: 23.17

    That's a clobbering? .15 difference, now I'm not a mathematician but that isn't a clobbering...

  7. Comment - Android tethering is back, just not for those in the United States (Apr 2, 2009 - 3:28 PM)

    Download PdaNet (best tethering app 2 use for Android)

  8. Comment - Spambots edge back online post-McColo (Nov 29, 2008 - 12:13 AM)

    Spam is Spam... If someone thinks that owning a MAC makes them an exception, has to be smoking something or was dropped as a baby..

  9. Comment - Windows 7 will be lean, faster, and even embedded (Nov 4, 2008 - 2:31 PM)

    You can't compare Mac OS and Vista. I have both. I have been extremely disappointed in the amount of applications that are available for the MAC. A Mac simply is intended for Novice users, unless used for graphic arts. Plus there pricing is outragous. I built a PC for $1200 that simply destroys my $2400, Dual Core 2.8ghz iMac.

    Im about to give it to my 86 year old grandmother. She'll have better use for it then I can.

  10. Comment - PDC 2008: Look out for the 'delighters' in Windows 7 (Oct 30, 2008 - 7:46 AM)

    Your a Idiot, Diamond. You make it seem like they can build a OS over night. Thats like me waking up in the morning and saying you know what I'm going to build a new OS today. If it was that simple I should you would of done it, you moron. Your just another person who has crappy hardware that Vista isn't capable of running on. So instead of blamming yourself for not making enough money and buying new hardware, you blame the OS. If you had any knowledge about anything you would realize how good Vista really is.