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Member since November 21, 1999

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    Jeremy Collake

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    United States of America

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  1. Apache HTTP Server for Unix
  2. DriverSpyNT
  3. ParkControl
  4. PEBundle
  5. PECompact
  6. PHP
  7. Process Lasso Free Edition (x32)

Recent Posts

  1. Review - AppRemover (Jul 30, 2013)

    I like the concept ;). Users have been told for a long time to never run without security software, hence some of the comments here. That is now changing. With the inclusion of Windows Defender in Windows 8, which you won't even notice unless it detects something, third-party security suites are hardly needed. Especially when you consider stricter application control, such as Windows Store or AppLocker based policies in the enterprise. This is becoming rapidly more and more true; so don't let anyone scare you into purchasing additional protection that will, at best, only slow down your PC and generate a false positive here and there! Actual threats are rarely detected, as the malware authors are one step ahead, or have developed custom malware for each target. Common sense and user education goes further than any security software, costs less, and won't slow your PC to a crawl! The 'bare minimum' protection offered silently by Windows Defender is all people really need, and they are slowly recognizing that. I do have sympathy for all those who have jobs in the security software industry, but they are talented individuals and I'm sure they can move on.

  2. Review - WinRAR (64-bit)

    5.00 Beta 5 (Jun 4, 2013)

    The new RAR5 format has few technical improvements, but I don't think offers any compelling reason for most people to migrate. Heck, people still primarily use ZIP because it's 'good enough', and RAR5 is only a marginal improvement of RAR, so it stands little to no chance of widespread adoption except for edge cases.

    Other than the new RAR5 format, this major version doesn't have that many changes.

  3. Review - Notepad++

    6.2.2 (Dec 2, 2012)

  4. Review - FlashFXP Beta (Nov 13, 2012)

    Continues to be a reliable and well constructed FTP client that does the job!

  5. Review - Notepad++

    6.2.1 (Nov 13, 2012)

    The fact that I keep coming back to it says it all really ... While it is not as powerful as, say Visual Studio, or even UltraEdit, it is light weight yet powerful ENOUGH. It is based on a text editor component for the language it is written in, so is akin to one of those browsers that uses an embedded IE control (in a way). However, as you can see, they've done a great job of implementing the control and making appropriate additions to it.
    5 stars when its installer auto-terminates any running instance and a few other small annoyances are fixed, such as a lack of digital signature.

  6. Comment - RIM begins round of 2,000 employee layoffs in America this week

    6.2.1 (Jul 26, 2011 - 2:09 PM)

    Welcome to our capitalist world as it exists today. My take? With increased transparency (not spin) consumers can take back our country by choosing who to do business with companies that act ethically.

  7. Comment - Anonymous claims NATO hack, withholds pilfered information

    6.2.1 (Jul 22, 2011 - 9:39 AM)

    Probably the same reason PBS was a target, targets of opportunity. I do not know though. I just hope they use their services for true good. I felt the PBS hack, like the NATO hack, is not nearly as kosher as hacking some huge corporation that is corrupting the political system.

  8. Comment - Will video chat be Facebook's next big thing?

    6.2.1 (Jul 1, 2011 - 11:29 PM)

    Not for me, can not speak for others

  9. Comment - Zynga wastes 1.3 million years of our time annually -- now it wants a $1B IPO

    6.2.1 (Jul 1, 2011 - 2:42 PM)

    But think of all those crops they grow - they can feed starving people! .. No.. wait .. errr ;p. My wife is addicted to this crap, as is my sister and several other people I know. Every day, they MUST farm their crops. God forbid their crops die ;o.

  10. Comment - Tag Heuer unveils $6,800 Android smartphone, doesn't even offer Gingerbread

    6.2.1 (Jul 1, 2011 - 1:57 PM)

    That phone jammer is neat, but man it seems like it has a lot of potential criminal uses....