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Watchlisted Mozilla Firefox for Windows

Watchlisted Microsoft Edge

Watchlisted LibreOffice for Windows

Reviewed QuickTime for Windows 7.7.9

No Windows 10 support? Really? Read full review

Reviewed Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 10 Early Access Build 45

Update 60 doesn't automatically remove older versions of Java as previous versions did. You should uninstall update 51 and earlier versions before installing this update. Read full review

Reviewed Apple iTunes for Windows 12.10

11.3.1 stops responding and crashes shortly after launch on my Win7 x64. Even an uninstall/reinstall didn't solve the problem. Had to revert to 11.3.0 to fix. Read full review

Reviewed TrueCrypt 7.2

The project was suddenly pulled yesterday. See Brian Krebs article for more information: http://krebsonsecurity.c...truecrypt-is-not-secure/ Read full review

Reviewed LastPass 4.34.0

Best password manager, hands down. Cross platform, strong encryption and security, 2 factor authentication available, works on mobile devices.... Well worth the extra $1 per month I pay for the premium version, but even the free version is... Read full review


Broken themes back again in 32.0.1664.3. Why is it that this bug keeps popping up in about two-thirds of the dev builds in the past 4 months? I mean, really, it's rather annoying. Read full review


Broken themes fixed in v. 31.0.1650.2 -dev Read full review

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