Paint Shop Pro for Windows

by Corel Corp.

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File Size 2.6 MB
License Shareware, $79.99
Operating System Windows 7/8/10
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Total Downloads 224,008
Publisher Corel Corp.
Homepage Paint Shop Pro

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Paint Shop Pro takes image editing to a new level of functionality and ease of use. Designed for users who want control, power, and flexibility, Paint Shop Pro delivers the tools you need to easily capture, create, enhance, and optimize your graphics projects.

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SineWave reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Feb 11, 2011

500MB program to edit pictures? I'll pass... GIMP and XNView are all I need.


shirleyekorn reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Dec 14, 2010

I have Paint Shop Pro on an old desktop and a slightly newer laptop. The desktop does not go online. To complicate matters I recently bought a new wireless printer. The desktop can not send wireless data. Today I selected a photo on the desktop and used a flash drive to move it to the laptop to be printed. A large dialogue box appeared stating that I needed to buy an upgrade in order to UNLOCK my Paint Shop Pro. I am outraged that Corel is able to barge in and make such a demand. It is like breaking in to someone's home. The tech people acknowledged that I have the right to put my program on two computers. They say that they will not support the program which is on the older computer. They will not support it but they are the ones who created the problem by shutting it down. "I smashed your window but I will not repair it." said the ball player.

Of course it is not expensive to meet their demand but that is an unthinkable way to do business. I can not believe that this action of theirs is lawful.

I need some help and some advice. I don't know how to rate this review. To me it is very important because I am so angry.

Shirley Ekorn


s0n reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Sep 11, 2010

I have used Paint Shop Pro since version 3. I have all the Jasc versions through
8.01. Corel should review all of these versions bring the best features of each one into a PAINT emphasized version based solely on the original Jasc approach.
For instance, the various behaviors of the built in effects from each version could be selected from menus like anything else is. That way you could combine
say a distortion filter from an early version to be further modified by the warp tool and come with a wider range of results. Don't "Corel-ize it and bloat it, but let the Jasc spirit come through. Charge 99 bucks and blow everybody else out of the water. My rating reflects Corel's attempt at a PHOTO editor only.

Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Sep 9, 2010

PSP is not very good anymore. Been using it since 1997. I can't do a simple cut and paste without part of the paste missing. It only takes screenshots half the time. I've switched to Snagit for what I do with a paint program. It's very reliable.

some guy

some guy reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Sep 8, 2010

dead after Jasc sold out , the only version that I use is still 9.01 when Jasc made the last release, what a shame.

Karol Mily

Karol Mily reviewed v13.2.0.35 on Jul 20, 2010

Corel PaintShop Prhoto Pro is I think third edition of TBYB (Jan/2010, Apr/2010 and Jun/2010) and is much faster to install, support 14 languages, is much faster and stable than previous two editions. Fist and second edition of TBYB installed 1GB+ bloatware but this third edition only PSPClassic (cca. 500MB). You can set Your own instalation path MANUALLY in .XML config file before installation (first You need unpack downloaded .EXE, to TEMP for example). I am satisfied with version. Come on, Corel !


tickleonthetum reviewed v13.2.0.35 on Jul 20, 2010

Great program, great value for money...

@picsoetje, you can change the colour scheme very easily, ant the toolbar buttons are just standard size...


uberfly reviewed v13.2.0.35 on Jul 19, 2010

Well all that is included is a steal for $100 dollars. It is a powerful application. As of today, their site says $69.99, so that much better. Nothing but good things to say about PSP x3.

Jan Walsschaert

Jan Walsschaert reviewed v13.2.0.35 on Jul 19, 2010

Another great product raped by that bunch of clueless yuppies.


picsoetje reviewed v13.01 on Apr 2, 2010

Not my cup of tea because of the ugly dark user interface and the flimsy small buttons on the toolbar.

Avg. Rating 3.1 (415 votes)
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SineWave reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Feb 11, 2011

500MB program to edit pictures? I'll pass... GIMP and XNView are all I need.


shirleyekorn reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Dec 14, 2010

I have Paint Shop Pro on an old desktop and a slightly newer laptop. The desktop does not go online. To complicate matters I recently bought a new wireless printer. The desktop can not send wireless data. Today I selected a photo on the desktop and used a flash drive to move it to the laptop to be printed. A large dialogue box appeared stating that I needed to buy an upgrade in order to UNLOCK my Paint Shop Pro. I am outraged that Corel is able to barge in and make such a demand. It is like breaking in to someone's home. The tech people acknowledged that I have the right to put my program on two computers. They say that they will not support the program which is on the older computer. They will not support it but they are the ones who created the problem by shutting it down. "I smashed your window but I will not repair it." said the ball player.

Of course it is not expensive to meet their demand but that is an unthinkable way to do business. I can not believe that this action of theirs is lawful.

I need some help and some advice. I don't know how to rate this review. To me it is very important because I am so angry.

Shirley Ekorn


s0n reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Sep 11, 2010

I have used Paint Shop Pro since version 3. I have all the Jasc versions through
8.01. Corel should review all of these versions bring the best features of each one into a PAINT emphasized version based solely on the original Jasc approach.
For instance, the various behaviors of the built in effects from each version could be selected from menus like anything else is. That way you could combine
say a distortion filter from an early version to be further modified by the warp tool and come with a wider range of results. Don't "Corel-ize it and bloat it, but let the Jasc spirit come through. Charge 99 bucks and blow everybody else out of the water. My rating reflects Corel's attempt at a PHOTO editor only.

Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Sep 9, 2010

PSP is not very good anymore. Been using it since 1997. I can't do a simple cut and paste without part of the paste missing. It only takes screenshots half the time. I've switched to Snagit for what I do with a paint program. It's very reliable.

some guy

some guy reviewed v13.2.0.41 on Sep 8, 2010

dead after Jasc sold out , the only version that I use is still 9.01 when Jasc made the last release, what a shame.

Karol Mily

Karol Mily reviewed v13.2.0.35 on Jul 20, 2010

Corel PaintShop Prhoto Pro is I think third edition of TBYB (Jan/2010, Apr/2010 and Jun/2010) and is much faster to install, support 14 languages, is much faster and stable than previous two editions. Fist and second edition of TBYB installed 1GB+ bloatware but this third edition only PSPClassic (cca. 500MB). You can set Your own instalation path MANUALLY in .XML config file before installation (first You need unpack downloaded .EXE, to TEMP for example). I am satisfied with version. Come on, Corel !


tickleonthetum reviewed v13.2.0.35 on Jul 20, 2010

Great program, great value for money...

@picsoetje, you can change the colour scheme very easily, ant the toolbar buttons are just standard size...


uberfly reviewed v13.2.0.35 on Jul 19, 2010

Well all that is included is a steal for $100 dollars. It is a powerful application. As of today, their site says $69.99, so that much better. Nothing but good things to say about PSP x3.

Jan Walsschaert

Jan Walsschaert reviewed v13.2.0.35 on Jul 19, 2010

Another great product raped by that bunch of clueless yuppies.


picsoetje reviewed v13.01 on Apr 2, 2010

Not my cup of tea because of the ugly dark user interface and the flimsy small buttons on the toolbar.


DrTeeth reviewed v13.01 on Mar 30, 2010

Corel, the place where once great software goes to die!



xsnred reviewed v13.01 on Mar 29, 2010

When Jasc was in the mix it was a much better product. I did buy V10 only cause it was on sale for 49 bucks. You can still get PSP at 49 bucks on sale at Best Buy sometimes. I use Photoshop CS exclusively cause CS4 is so bloated now with crap I would never need or use. Actually I have all versions from 5 up in Photoshop. Years ago Corel did make some fine products and not bloatware. I don't use Corel products any more so it would be unfair to judge them too poorly, so I will give it a 3 rounded up from 2.5.


roj reviewed v13.01 on Mar 29, 2010


What's worse?

You're kidding, right?

MUCH bloat and increased resource requirements with no tangible benefits

MUCH poorer quality control (lots of bugs - typical Corel fodder)

MUCH MORE dummied down interface and removal of some features that make it far less of a generalized graphics program and more of a photo retouch program (in short, Corel butchered it).

You clearly never used Paint Shop Pro versions earlier than 10.

THREE POINT FIVE stars rounded up to FOUR.


umi81 reviewed v12.50 on Oct 6, 2009

I liked old versions far more than Corel's ones, but overall not too bad.

some guy

some guy reviewed v12.50 on Oct 4, 2009

after Jasc sold out to Corel, the program has gone down hill. This should not even be called Paint Shop pro any more but should be called Corel Paint...The last good version was Jasc. 9.01....


Renaak reviewed v12.50 on Oct 3, 2009

Having used PSP for years and many versions these newer Corel versions are very bloated and nearly impossible to use.

I still have v9.x installed and use it daily.


Ramp4me reviewed v12.50 on Oct 3, 2009

The usual bloated Corel dump.


alanpalmer reviewed v12.50 on Oct 2, 2009

I've been a dedicated PSP user since around version 2.0 or 3.0 - at least it ran on Win 3.1 - sadly It's got more and more bloated since Corel took it over. It's still easier to use for me than PhotoShop, though, and a lot cheaper! As already mentioned, version 12.50 has been out for months, however. They do have a cheek charging for a half-point upgrade, though.


DudeBoyz reviewed v12.50 on Oct 2, 2009

Isn't this the exact same version that has been available for months and months, even in the retail channel?

That said it's bloated, slow and not as user friendly as previous versions.

I have found 7.04 to be my "Go To" version. I own XI and X2 Ultimate, but in almost every instance, I just end up using 7.04 instead.

Since Corel bought it, it just doesn't feel like the same snappy program. The interface changes are just a pain. All that time learning and they just throw that out of the window. Bummer.


wicketr reviewed vUltimate X2 on Apr 22, 2009

Paint Shop Pro is a good program for doing somewhat advanced photo/image editing, though not on the level as Photoshop. However it is much cheaper and easier to use than Photoshop.

I've been using it since about PSP 5 or so and has added several features. I feel like the interface relatively OK and easy to use. However, there are a couple reasons I'm not going to rate this a 5 star. Bugs that they've failed to address in numerous releases.

1. The software doesn't work through a proxy and there's no setting to add it. Registration is required and you can't go through a proxy??? They at least fixed it in this version so that you can open up a seperate web browser to register. However, Corel checks for updates each time it starts and if it can't go through the proxy it locks up for 10 seconds before starting. Also, you have to download updates manually.

2. GIF transparency bug. If you open a GIF with a transparent background, it doesn't work. It shows it as black. You can use the magic wand to delete the black background, but if your image has black on it, then you're SOL.

Failing to address the business environment (proxies), and failing to address basic bugs leaves me no choice but to rate it a 2-star.


oufc_gav reviewed vUltimate X2 on Oct 7, 2008

Some good reasons to upgrade from the X2 version, some nice bundled features. Shame I won't be upgrading because Corel's upgrade (and indeed buy as new) policy is so stupid.
The boxed version has disks, manuals, a USB key. The download version doesn't - so why is the boxed version the same price as the download? Mind you, if you do try to buy the upgrade box you do have to pay £10.50 postage to Corel (inside UK, 3-5 day service) - this is just blatant profiteering.


myboy reviewed vUltimate X2 on Sep 13, 2008

The first thing Corel did after buying Paint Shop Pro was to make the program bigger, slower and to break interoperability with Animation Shop all the while NOT updating the program to be more compatible with the newer Photoshop plugins and file formats. Gee, thanks.


KayNine reviewed vUltimate X2 on Sep 11, 2008

I partially agree, PSP until 7 or 8 was a fast and sleek tool, but I personally like the cleaning and improvements Corel (better: the PSP staff now working for Corel) applied to it.

About X2 I especially like the dark-grey professional look it received, but the I'm still not convinced enough to upgrade from XI.

Still: PSP is a great programm, I can do almost anything other need the "glorious" PhotoShop for -- THAT one is bloated!

BTW: for quick editing I often also use Paint.NET, but PSP certainly has it's place!

Undesired Username

Undesired Username reviewed vUltimate X2 on Sep 10, 2008

This may be the best thing since oxygen, but right now I'm quite annoyed. I went through the entire, slow installation process, then upon running the program was prompted to enter my Corel login information. I entered the correct information (I know it's correct, since I just used it a moment prior to obtain the download!), click "Sign-In", and then get this:

"This Page Could Not Be Found.

We're sorry, the page you are looking for has moved or no longer exists."

That was a pretty brief trial.


DudeBoyz reviewed vUltimate X2 on Sep 10, 2008

I own and use 7.04. I own and do not use XI. I have tested X2 quite a lot and decided not to upgrade. I do not like that Paint Shop Pro, which once was fast and sleek and functional, has become such a big, bloated, try to do everything program. It simply is not for me.

I don't want it to try to do everything but only be able to do everything half-arsed. I would prefer that it would focus on the core features and functions that Paint Shop Pro used to excel at. The dedication to improving those core features really helped make it a good app. But when you pull staff off of the core features and start asking them to add tons of new features, the core functions that once made it so great sort of fade away, wither and die.

All that said, I'm giving this a 3 instead of a 2 because of what they have added to the program in this Ultimate version without raising the actual price of the products.

Paint Shop Pro has done pretty well with Photo Edges and Picture Tubes, and there are more of those, which provides a slightly better value. Their Photo Frames are not as cool though.

I can't ignore the improved RAW support or the image recovery functions either.

And, a 2 gig USB flash drive is just cool.

So, from a 2 to a 3 for increased value and the RAW / Recovery additions.


roj reviewed vUltimate X2 on Sep 10, 2008

The more I use this software the more I love it. Yes, I was not enamoured with previous releases and yes, up until recently the program had devolved into a buggy mess.

However, Photo X2 delivered.

No bugs that I oculd find - stable. Lots of new features that were actually useful, especially to someone who wants to tweak their images. There is NOTHING in the shareware or freeware pantheon that can compare to this software - not Paint.NET and certainly NOT the absolute pathetic disaster known as The Gimp.

This gives me most of the useful features of Photoshop a fraction of the cost and using far fewer resources. The new quality control that is the hallmark of this code is the direct result of the former management team getting what they deserved: FIRED.

You definitely get your money's worth on this one - pound for pound, nothing matches it.

FIVE stars for a superb program - the ones decrying it either have not tried it or having done so, have absolutely no clue what they're doing and would be better off with an Etch-A-Sketch.


Ryusennin reviewed vUltimate X2 on Sep 10, 2008

The last good version of PSP was 9.01.

Ever since Corel bought out Jasc, they stopped improving the program. Yes, the X generation is as user-friendly as the previous ones; but in order to make it more appealing to the "casual" painter, Corel decided to dumb the program down and remove many useful features from it (which were probably competing against Corel's own products).


ambient_88 reviewed v12.01 Patch on Jul 14, 2008

This graphics editing program is one excellent application, considering the features, functionality, and price. Unlike Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro is much more user-friendly. However, it doesn't provide the same granular control that Photoshop does. Don't get me wrong--it is still on excellent application.

Which leads me to...

I don't know why a lot of people are bashing this program. I mean, it is not as bad as some people make it out to be. I think they just hate Corel for some reason.

What Python are you talking about? Obviously, our computers have different configurations, so I'm not sure what happened with yours. And for the record, Python and Java are not "piles of crap." My firsthand experience with them, especially Java, is nothing short of pleasant.


kashin reviewed v12.01 Patch on Nov 29, 2007

I avoid anything by Corel like it's the plague, and this product is no exception. Corel reminds me of AOL, because they can't make any decent applications. All they do is go around buying up small companies with excellent products and then proceed to run them into the ground. Corel used to have a graphics editing suite called CorelDraw. What ever happened to that? I'll tell you what. It was a piece of crap and nobody wanted it. If at first you don't succeed.. go buy someone else's work and pretend it's your own! I'm sticking with the last decent version, which is 9.01.

And why the hell does PSP need Python now? Python reminds me of that piece of crap called Java. Oooh, it's cross-platform, so it must be good! No, anything cross platform is slow and bloated. It's just like the old saying; Jack of all trades, master of none. Now I can't even re-install Windows without having to also re-install PSP. Up until Corel took over, I could just install PSP on another drive and start it right up without a problem after a Windows re-install. But now it complains due to missing Python dependencies or some crap. God, I hope Corel burns in hell.


alanpalmer reviewed v12.01 Patch on Nov 19, 2007

Almost as good as Photoshop, but considerably cheaper. I've been using PSP since version 2.0 and watched it grow in both complexity and features over the years. For the casual user the feature set nowadays is overkill, but it is obvious that Corel have taken it over from JASC and are still trying hard to improve it.

There have been a few bad versions along the way, from both JASC and Corel, but the current version 12.01 is as good as it gets without being a complete clone of PS.


payskin reviewed v12.01 Patch on Nov 17, 2007

I must say roj has a point there. I've been using PSP since the early 90s, way before it was Pro. I don't think Corel ruined it, in fact version X is solid, fast and very usable program. Corel ruined it since then.

I tried X2 and the first thing I found that I cannot work just as fast as I could using X. The Crop function is seriously damaged. In X you can grab the edge of the Crop rectangle anywhere you want to resize it, in X2 you can only do that at the control points, which is pretty inconvienient. And even then it behaves weird, not respecting pixel boundaries and jumping through pixels with the tiniest movement of my Wacom pen. The zoom function has some strange behaviours as well, that probably could be solved by digging through the preferences, but it didn't work like that in X. And changing basic hotkeys, like Pasting options, isn't the smartest idea either. Okay, in can be fixed with workspace customization, but it's a pain in the you know where.

So the problem is not with the new features at all, it's the basic stuff that makes me change back to version X. I hope they fix these in the forthcoming patches.

Point Ten

Point Ten reviewed v12.01 Patch on Nov 14, 2007

Fast and lean Corel product.
10 points.


jspratjr reviewed v12.01 Patch on Nov 13, 2007

Installed update and loaded program without a problem. Version 12 (X2) is an excellent product.

roj - thanks for the absolutely worthless review - too bad you don't actually try the product release before spewing garbage. (i.e not review based on what you've read elsewhere or last used years ago, if at all)


tafugate reviewed v12.01 Patch on Nov 13, 2007

pspx2 is a tremendous program. i tried the psp and elements demos for two months before i decided on pspx. the two programs both have their pluses and minuses, but psp was just so much easier to use.

bottom line is, if you're a photo editing guru, you'll probably be happier with a photoshop product. but if you're a noob (like me), pspx2 will more than suffice for anything you want to do to your photos (ditto what fatray said).


roj reviewed v12.01 Patch on Nov 13, 2007

PSP used to be pound for pound the best small image editing app out there. It offered 85% of what PhotoBloat offered at four times the speed and one quarter of the resource utilization. Version 9 was the last great version.

Then Corel bought it.

Now it's a typical Corel product:

Buggy, bloated, chock full of features that don't work as advertised and dummied down form the original capabilities to boot.

In sort it's a steaming pile of crap not worth the money for the media it's shipped on. What more can I say about a company and product that typically ships a service pack two days after the product is released - and even then doesn't deliver.

This would get ZERO but Betanews doesn't go that low.


To clarify for the fanboiz and Corel mouthpieces, I have considerable experience with what Corel loosely calls "products" - in fact, I live in the city where Corel is headquartered, where it is widely known that the company produces ill-tested garbage. I have owned PSP 6, 7, 8 and 9. I tried 10 and was apalled. I again tried 11 and was even more dismayed. 12 was the final straw. I refuse to advance beyond 9 - no intelligent user condones known garbage on their PC and any company that releases a service pack for a product released less than 48 hours earlier is not worth doing business with.

'nuff said.


jspratjr reviewed v12.0 on Sep 6, 2007

Installed without a problem. New features don't look worth the upgrade but 30 days to check it out will tell. Have never had problems with PSP and will take it over PhotoShop (price) any day.


brusco reviewed v12.0 on Sep 6, 2007

It all went downhill after version 8. Shame on you Corel. Your software is bloated and unstable.

You murdered an excellent software package.


tickleonthetum reviewed v12.0 on Sep 6, 2007

This is a Commercial Demo not shareware. However, PSP is the best budget Graphics program bar none. It is so unfair to compare it with PS as it is only a fraction of the price.


fatray reviewed v12.0 on Sep 6, 2007

I've used PSP since version 4 getting every new version since. I also have Photoshop CS3 since it is supposable the best. Maybe it's because I've use PSP for so long, and only recently used PhotoShop here and there. I would give PSP the highest score everytime. I just don't understand why PS doesn't have the ease of use like PSP. I would like to use CS3, but PSP is SOooooo much easier to use.
PSP has all the templates from AVERY for easy printing too.


uberfly reviewed v12.0 on Sep 6, 2007

I don't know. I was down on the post-JASC Corel versions for a while too, and yes, it's a beast of an app now. Thing is it's still a very powerful and user-friendly program. It's a hell of a good deal for $99 when you compare it to the similar beast from Adobe. I think part of this is ppl just love to dog pile on Corel for whatever reason.

It's probably the best alternative to Photoshop for 1/6 the price. I used v11 for several months at a recent contract and it does deliver and then some. Some great tools in there too for your average and advanced user, and the many included plugins like "Time Machine" are just plain cool.

Yes, it was lighter when JASC created it, but Corel hasn't wrecked it. Beware of the witch-burning mobs that roam Betanews. Just giving the app a fair shake...


zridling reviewed v12.0 on Sep 6, 2007

Only a Corel app can bring a screaming Quad-core to a screeching halt. PSP is a relic of another era. Like all Corel products, the installation alone is ridiculously long and punishingly complex.


reboots reviewed v12.0 on Sep 5, 2007

Pass it by. The only reason Corel bought it was that it was making inroads against their product. Poor Jasc. They sold their soul to the highest bidder. I still use v5, v6 and v7. Nothing much changed in my needs. Why are there new versions? There are other products to do the advanced graphic manipulations. This program also leaves behind 'footprints' that the uninstaller leaves behind...


dougau reviewed v12.0 on Sep 5, 2007

How can this honestly still be called "Shareware"? Its no more Shareware than the trial version of Microsoft Office or Vista is.


Ryusennin reviewed v12.0 on Sep 5, 2007

PSP went down the drain after v9. Corel's idea of user-friendliness consists in removing a lot of features and dumbing down the remaining ones. And what was once a very fast program is now sluggish as hell. Two thumbs down. Jasc, where are you?


pinkkitten83 reviewed v11.20 on Jul 10, 2007

I've been a psp user since version 7 and everytime they had a new one I would upgrade to the latest version. I use photoshop, too but I can see psp is a much user-friendly program for everyone and an affordable one at that point. I just bought a laptop and there is a corelpsp installed in it. at first I thought why was it called corel now? I had no idea of whatsoever, then I tried using it since I was very curious at that time. I've seen some extra stuff added to it but I think the greatest version of them all is version 9. the latest one is very slow and I can't believe it doesn't come with an animation shop which I really love to use. how sad. I was dismayed at this version and I can't wait for the trial program to be over so I can switch back to psp 9. I guess I gotta give it a 2. I loved it but I love the previous versions better. =/


Alex1974BR reviewed v11.20 on Feb 24, 2007

Great program, although it is really slow. I´d recommend at least 1 GB RAM. The installer also sucks. Anyway, photo fix and retouch tools are great! It´s kind of hard to compare this to Photoshop. Both are great and different. I guess it´s a matter of taste. Prices difference are also something to consider... Well, i guess if you don´t want to pay there are free alternatives like Paint.NET, or you can always get Photoshop, and also Corel Paint Shop Pro for free on torrent and warez sites. Options are everywhere...


yokozuna reviewed v11.20 on Feb 24, 2007

Installs Protexis DRM spyware and leaves it even after if you decide to uninstall the program. No one is warned by Corel. The EULA is not readable: http://forums.dpreview.c...18&message=22099697


TaskSwitcher reviewed v11.20 on Feb 24, 2007

Yes, the installation is ridiculous (200+ MB, then it extracts itself like 3 times and finally set up the app), but the GUI, performance, and features are great. Don't diss a program b/c some silly installation developer had self-image problems ;)


zridling reviewed v11.20 on Feb 23, 2007

I bought this for years, and then Corel took over with the worst installation in the business and all but ruined this app with extreme bloat. It's so darn slow now. So this is it for me.


tickleonthetum reviewed v11.20 on Feb 23, 2007

I've used PSP since Version 3 and it gets better all the time.

Those who continually compare it to Photoshop need to stop and think for a minute.

Paint Shop Pro costs $100(£90)and Photoshop costs $650(£570). The average home user cannot afford Photoshop! So you can hardly compare them like this!

PSP is trying very hard to bring many of the features of Photoshop to the home user, and they do it well.


tafugate reviewed v11.20 on Feb 23, 2007

being a total noob, i think pspxi is a terrific program. it will do everything us noobs want, however, if you're a seasoned photo tweaker, you might want to stick with psp 9 or below.

before i purchased pspx, i downloaded and tried the pspx and photoshop elements trials twice. i tried to get semi familiar with most of the features in both programs before making my final decision. and in the end, pspx won hands down. mostly on the merit of its interface and ease of use.


slinkys_delsol reviewed v11.20 on Feb 23, 2007

This is the "Poor Man's Photoshop" and it does have some nice features.

Just a Suggestion to anyone who buys this. I own PaintShop Pro X and got the "Download Version" when I got it.

Apparently Corel ties their Activation to the Download Version ONLY.

If you choose the option to get the CD as well, the CD does NOT require any activation. It's a few $$$ more to have it shipped to you, but it's work it now to get the "AGGRA-TIVATION".


jspratjr reviewed v11.20 on Feb 23, 2007

Great program - easy to use and full of excellent features/functions.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.20 on Feb 23, 2007

It is incredibly frustrating to see the direction that this app has gone in.

Why is the browser so screwed up? FastStone Image Viewer is so much more intuitive and works like it should. The browser in 7.04 works as it should and as you would expect. But this one does not.

They changed the default save settings as mentioned earlier, but I think there may be a way to set it back. I just don't know how.

Not all of this version is bad, but they screwed up enough to make it worth avoiding.

If anyone can figure out how to make 11.20 save JPG files like 7.04, please post. Maybe that will redeem the app in some small fashion.

I'm upping the score from 1 to 2 because I do appreciate that they are putting out helpful updates. At least that is of value to consumers.

But I do fear that this app may be so far off the track it's not going to be salvageable.


Cris3 reviewed v11.20 on Feb 23, 2007

I had too much trouble with Paint Shop Pro XI doing simple things so I got Photoshop Elements 5 and I am a lot happier with Adobe. PSP does have some functions that I return to it to use. In particular is the 'Clarify' function which is awesome. The auto enhance function is worthless since it over brightens everything. You have to adjust everything manually because it only works on very dark photos. I give it a 4 because it does work well for editing photos. Compared to Photoshop CS I just got, it doesn't even make a blip on the chart.


kashin reviewed v11.11 on Feb 2, 2007

This piece of garbage doesn't even deserve a review. As soon as Corel acquired Jasc, they proceeded to put forward Paint Shop Pro X. Not because they wanted to innovate, add new features or improve on the product in some way, but simply to mark their territory. PSP X was released simply to state "it's ours now!" and nothing more. It was a horribly slow and buggy product. This new release is not different. Version 11 is actually worse than 10, if that's even possible. Another fantastic product and company (Jasc) ruined by the greedy idiots at Corel. They couldn't come up with a decent graphics suite of their own (Anybody remmeber CorelDraw? No? I didn't think so.), instead they have to buy a smaller company and ruin the best on the market. I consider Jasc Paint Shop Pro to be the best, even compared to much more expensive products such as Adobe's Photoshop.

Corel is a Canadian company. It's times like these I'm ashamed to actually admit I'm Canadian too. Shame on you Corel.


ConceptJunkie reviewed v11.11 on Jan 16, 2007

Everyone warned us that Corel would ruin PSP, but I didn't want to believe it. It was a solid product that I've been using for over 10 years.

When 10 came out, I immediately bought it, but I couldn't stand the new browser interface and found myself wanting to stick with 9.

When 11 came out I was anxious to see the new features but wanted to check out the trial before buying the upgrade. The new features were totally unimpressive, they were just fancy descriptions for really lame low-tech things you could already do. The "Time Machine" seems to do nothing more than alter the colors (B/W, sepia, etc), and the so-called "Depth of Field" feature is just a blur effect with a hole in the middle. Plus the browser in version 11 would constantly go haywire and peg the CPU at 100% continuously, until I killed the program. And while version 9 is painfully slow to start up, 10 and 11 were even worse.

I didn't want to believe it but Corel did ruin a program I've been a registered user of since version 3. I'm glad I checked out the trial version didn't buy 11 and I will stick with version 9 forever.

5 stars for version


brusco reviewed v11.11 on Jan 8, 2007

Corel is like the company "Computer Associates". As soon as it acquires a software title it seems to go out of its way to kill it (its linux distro included). In that respect Corel have been very successful with PSP, as this product is on its death bed and gasping for air.

This version suffers from agonizing bloat and instability. The fact that they have OEM deals to distribute with new Dell PCs, and others, will probably mean that the many honest and negative reviews like this one will not effect their revenue. they are winning as their product is more available than its competitors, not because it is a quality product as it is actually utter garbage.

Avoid like the plague.


BruddaMan reviewed v11.11 on Jan 8, 2007

I did a quality compare like mentioned. I did a print screen cap and pasted it into 7-04 and 11-11 both. I saved as JPG. 7-04 looked better. Compression factor 10 standard encoding. Something is wrong with version 11.

I use JPG for the web a lot and if they don't fix 11, I'll never upgrade from 7.


ArtoD2 reviewed v11.11 on Jan 8, 2007

imho: The ver. 9 is the best PSP version... later versions have been utter c**p. It's sorry to see such good program to go vaste. I'm really looking forvard what will bring us.


yokozuna reviewed v11.11 on Jan 8, 2007

Regretfully I have to confirm all the negative reviews which I read below. PSPXI is a buggy and unreliable product, which can be read even at Corel usenet groups (corel.PaintShopProXI at usenet server). The patch actually WORSEN some things e.g. EXIF data is unrecoverably deleted if your pictures are taken after the 8th of December, 2006 and you edit your photographs with PSPXI v.11.11. I also had problems with registering the product (it was bought as a gift by my American friend. I live in Europe, and the box was sent to me), and Corel left me alone with the faulty product.

Stick with the older versions of PSP!


pipdipchip reviewed v11.11 on Jan 8, 2007

Everyone knew Corel would ruin the product, and that's exactly what they've done. I've been loyal user of Paint Shop Pro since 7.0. However, this version of Paint Shop Pro does not represent why I've been using it for years. Frankly, unless Corel gets the picture ASAP... sadly I believe Paint Shop Pro will lose the users it still has.


JEdwardP reviewed v11.11 on Jan 7, 2007

As a long-time (paying) Paint Shop Pro user, I feared Corel might eventually ruin the product. I was able to look past the bloat and tarted-up interface of version X, but the Protexis sneakware in this version has driven me back to version 9. I thank God I had enough foresight to hang onto the CD.

Software that I used to give an unqualified five-star rating now gets only two, and may actually deserve even less.


xrmbx reviewed v11.11 on Jan 7, 2007

Like Iria said, it installs some licensing s***, and does not remove it.

Furthermore this licensing stuff doesnt even work. I registered the program with a 11.00 keygen.

I started using PSP with version 3.0 when it was 3mb big, now its 250... i dont know its definetaly going down with this program. I'm going to use from now on.


Iria reviewed v11.11 on Jan 7, 2007

11.11 installs Protexis Licensing files into \Windows\System32 and also runs them as a SERVICE. If you uninstall PSP11.11 it does NOT uninstall the Protexis files, which still continue to run, using up RAM.

11.0 installed a SIMILAR, but not IDENTICAL file into the PSP folders under \Programs. I hate programs that install licensing stuff and then don't do you the "favor" of uninstalling them after you uninstall the original program.

Will not buy PSP again, though I'vfe been using it for years.


alanpalmer reviewed v11.11 on Jan 7, 2007

I've been using PSP since version 2.0 and each version has been much better than the last up to version 7.0. Since then the program has got better in some ways but not especially so, and has got worse in terms of speed and ease of use. That said, it is still good for its purpose. I've had trouble with the installer for new updates, too.

Betanews should note that a) the program's name is now Paint Shop Pro Photo XI - why Corel changed it is anyone's guess - and b) they are still using a screenshot of PSP X.


m1m3r reviewed v11.11 on Jan 7, 2007

Glad yo hear I was not the only one still using 7.04, every version since has not been good enough to make me upgrade.


donpacman reviewed v11.11 on Jan 7, 2007

I like it!


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.11 on Jan 6, 2007

Do a simple quality comparison on JPG output. Version 7.04 is obviously superior in terms of image quality at a given file size. It's not even close.

While I applaud some of the innovations, the fact that an 80k JPG file in 11 is much lower in quality than an 80k JPG file in 7.04 is unforgiveable.

Not only has the program become slower and more bloated, but to lose image quality like that just flat out ruins the program.

I paid $29 for version 11 and I still feel like I wasted my money. I paid a lot more than that for 7.04 and feel it was worth every penny.

Sad that yet another product is ruined by corporate takeovers. :(


jspratjr reviewed v11.11 on Jan 6, 2007

Have been using for years - version 11 is the best one yet.


dune17856 reviewed v11.00 on Nov 22, 2006

I've been using PSP for quite a long time. While Corel has added some minor cool features ove the JASC versions i have had functionality problems that make this version (10.0) a poor choice.

1) It takes forever to start up. I use version 7 most of the time and rarely use this any more.

2) The update wizard works really bad. It downloads patches that fail to install correctly (10.03) and then tells you install completed O.K.???

3) The browser function is slow and the browsing model stinks compared to earlier versions.

4) Corel support is pretty poor. When i contacted them about the update wizard flaws they basically said: "We know about the problem but quite frankly not too many people hacve complained about it". No mention of a resolution. That's the worst support response i have ever gotten. I think i'm done with Corel myself.

The feature differences don't even come close to covering the functionality drawbacks in this version. I'm looking for something else to use.


Cris3 reviewed v11.00 on Oct 15, 2006

Works well for making photos look their best. For constructing images, this will do it but you need Photoshop. The online training,, is effective way to learn the software.

Keep in mind Corel says this version is Vista ready. Check online reviews and you will find PSP XI rated between four and five most of the time.


stisev reviewed v11.00 on Oct 14, 2006

Make sure to thank Corel for F***** up this software.



bobthegoat2001 reviewed v11.00 on Oct 13, 2006

Crap. Stay with the Jasc version, which is version 9. Corel turned it into crap.


ipixguy reviewed v11.00 on Oct 2, 2006

A PSP user since version 7. I've moved to each new version as they were released. Each upgrade with new features were enjoyed. This version was definately a huge disapointment. It is like they threw on a few filters and slowed the rest of it down. How could the same old functions take longer when they are the same? Do not upgrade unless you prefer your PSP to run slower. Wait to see what XII brings.


brusco reviewed v11.00 on Oct 2, 2006

Wow just wow. Corel took a perfectly good graphics package and put their smell all over it and ruined it. Well done guys. Ver 9 was perfect, 10 not so much, this version is Liberace g**.


wicketr reviewed v11.00 on Sep 25, 2006

A few bugs:
1. If you're behind a proxy server, you can't register unless you call them. For some reason they've decided not to use the IE settings for this.
2. Small gif files with transparency do not display correctly in the browser or open correctly (transparecy is no longer transparent).

Overall Paint Shop Pro 9 is better IMO because it also comes with AnimationShop for free. You have to buy it seperately with PSP10.


Eldar reviewed v11.00 on Sep 19, 2006

Twice I had problems when I bought the software. Twice I contacted their support division and twice I've been helped in less then half an hour. :-)

It's a new version, a bit different, but not too different from PSP X.
Haven't experienced any bugs yet, although I believe there will be updates to correct reported problems. Difficult to find an application which isn't bugfree.

I also won't buy PS, because that's way to expensive. If you got money to burn, then go ahead and buy PS. For me, I always upgrade to the latest version which isn't cheap, but it's not expensive either.

That new addition of the time line is really great.

Now off to play some more with it. ;-)


tickleonthetum reviewed v11.00 on Sep 17, 2006

This upgrade adds a few new features, but does feel like it should be 10.5 not XI. There are some fun, new, photo effects and some existing features have been improved. The new Organiser is more useful than the old browser. If you haven't got PSP X then it's worth it, if you have got X, it might be worth waiting for version 12 - sorry XII.

To those who say PSP's not worth it and that people should switch to Photoshop, I say: look at the difference in price! Paint Shop Pro is a fraction of PS CS2's price.

I won't pay over £100 for any software as I believe it's a rip off over that price. Tell me where I would get a legal version of PS CS2 for less than £100?


Bobbitchin reviewed v11.00 on Sep 14, 2006

Corel hosed PSP big time. They took waht was one ofthe most powerful yet easy to use photo programs and made it hard to use. Why would they make it harder to use? PSP used to be a great alternitive to Photoshop becuase of its ease of use. You might as well just get Photoshop now because Corel has made PSP just as hard to use and it's less powerful.


tonytunder reviewed v11.00 on Sep 14, 2006

I had a bad encounter with their support. Specifically, My installation would not update. Rather than determining the root cause, they said it was my problem!
Other than their support, another issue with 10.2 was that it crashed on large image files. Photoshop did not have this problem.


zridling reviewed v11.00 on Sep 14, 2006

What a ripoff; no thanks, Corel, who has made PSP as difficult and tortuous to install as CorelDRAW. And be forewarned: PSP 11 installs 1,555 keys in your Registry! PSP 10.0 was released last September, so this should be a 10.5 upgrade at best. Keeping both PhotoPaint and PSP makes no sense. The only decent new feature is "depth of field" which can easily be accomplished with basic masking in any program. If you have to pick one Corel photo program, pick PhotoPaint. But if you like a million effects — which is about all PSP is good for — then by all means, get this ripoff.

The only redeeming thing is the upgrade price of $59.

Ian C.

Ian C. reviewed v11.00 on Sep 13, 2006

I definitely agree with DudeBoyz. It seems like you have to relearn how to use this every time there is a new version. I switched to GIMP when version 10 came out, and, while not as pretty, the price is right, and it has more of the features I need, and less of the junk I don't.


DudeBoyz reviewed v11.00 on Sep 13, 2006

Prelim rating a 3 - as I have not tested extensively yet. Will modify if needed after that.

I'm still using 7.04 because it is faster and leaner and cleaner, and I don't like the new interface.

If I have to re-learn a program, why not just learn PhotoShop instead?

Still, there were a few things in 10 that I liked, including tabbed image pages, so I'm hopeful that this one will be worth the effort.

I am glad they are still developing it. I was afraid that after Corel bought JASC, this product was doomed.


yokozuna reviewed v11.00 on Sep 13, 2006

What's new in Paint Shop Pro Photo XI?

NEW Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI builds on the core values set forth by Paint Shop Pro users themselves: easy-to-use yet powerful tools designed with the photographer in mind. Not only does NEW Paint Shop Pro Photo XI improve on existing features, it also incorporates all-new, one-of-a-kind enhancements including a fully-integrated photo organizer -- giving users a single application that covers their workflow from start to finish.NEW The Organizer
A one-stop photo management center that takes the guesswork out of finding photos by letting you search for images on your computer by filename, date, file type, or folder location.

NEW Color Changer Tool
Easily and realistically change colors of any objects in your photos.

NEW Time Machine
An amazing special effects filter plus a history lesson all in one! It shows what photos would look like if they were taken in another era, ranging from the 1800s to the 1990s. Some of the photo techniques featured include:

Brownie Camera
Early Color
Cross Process

NEW Depth of Field Effect
Apply realistic depth that is usually only captured with expensive lenses and a digital SLR camera. It quickly simulates an out-of-focus background to draw attention to the main subject.

NEW Skin Smoothing
Automatically remove wrinkles, scars, or signs of aging from faces in digital photos

NEW Film and Filter Effects
Make photos look like they were taken with a specific type of film or filter. Choose from over 50 different combinations or create and save your own look using these mix-and-match options:

Film Looks

Vivid Skin Tones
Muted Reds
Vibrant Foliage

Creative Filters

Night Density

NEW Enhanced Crop Tool
This makes it easier than ever to get specific print sizes in a flash.

NEW Levels and Curves
Get exceptional control over some of the most critical image adjustments such as contrast, color depth and levels.

NEW Training Videos
See Paint Shop Pro Photo in action. Get helpful instructions on how to use new tools and other familiar features in two hours worth of informative videos.

NEW Email Features
It's easier and faster than ever to share photos with friends and family. Send as attachments or embed photo directly in the body of an email. Paint Shop Pro Photo automatically resizes photos for email so you don't have to open and resave.

NEW Corel Painter and Corel Painter Essentials Compatibility
Open, edit, create and save images as RIFF files to create a seamless workflow with the world's most popular painting and illustration software.

NEW Video Preview
Review, open and organize videos and extras single-frames from video clips.

Well, I rate it five, however, Corel urgently needs a RAW guru. Corel have lost some ground since Adobe bought Pixmantec (which product was the core of Corel's RAW converter). Quite funny, Adobe announced yesterday about Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 which would be released somehow in late October. And voila! Corel released (not announced) the competitor.


merlin666 reviewed v11.00 on Sep 13, 2006

From the newsrelease:

This release also offers several new features that are unique in the industry today including the Color Changer tool, the Time Machine and a built-in Photo Organizer. The new Color Changer allows users to change the color of an object or an area in a photo - such as clothing, painted objects or carpets - with just a few easy clicks. The resulting color change is incredibly realistic and natural because the Color Changer tool detects and analyzes variations in brightness caused by real-world illumination and then reapplies the illumination to the new color to produce a highly realistic effect. The Time Machine lets users see what their photos would look like if they were taken in another era - such as the Roaring 1920s or the Swinging 1960s, among others. It replicates the process by which photos were developed in various ages of photography to recreate a highly realistic look. In addition, the built-in Photo Organizer is a unique, customizable one-stop photo management center that locates photos within seconds. The Photo Organizer is built right into Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI which ensures a complete, seamless workflow experience while eliminating the need to switch between different applications for editing and organizing.


uberfly reviewed v11.00 on Sep 13, 2006

What on earth? Corel trying to cash in on a "new" version? 10.03 still had several weird issues, maybe it's just a glorified bug fix.


Betachecker reviewed v11.00 on Sep 13, 2006

What´s new in this version?


officeslave reviewed v10.03 on Sep 5, 2006

It's still a great, easy-to-use, powerful paint program. I just wish that they didn't decide it was for digital photographers all of a sudden. Been using it for game graphics and web design elements since v5, yet they don't seem to be adding any useful features for anything but trying to make granny look less wrinkled and demonic.


comeoffit reviewed v10.03 on Aug 6, 2006

Roj is correct; the only issue I have with what he says is--why rate so high?

I really hate it when bigger companies suck up existing products, and then increase the price, make support worse, make the interface worse, and make the product buggier. It happens all the time.


roj reviewed v10.03 on Aug 2, 2006

In typical Corel fashion, the quality control went right into the toilet bowl when that misbegotten excuse for a company acquired JASC. How can I substantiate this? Easily: version 10 came out and a week later the first "Service Pack" was available, completely in keeping with Corel's "get it out the door NOW - don't bother with testing because we'll fix it in the service packs... maybe" methodology.

The last stable and worthwhile version was 9 - stay away from this mess.

THREE stars - which is more than ANY Corel product deserves.


Another poster here was correct. I was remiss and am revising my rating to TWO.


cowgaR reviewed v10.03 on Jul 16, 2006

utomo, the free trial download is already version 10.03, althought the downloaded file has wrong (10.00) name. There is no need to patch it after installed!

This is the greatest graphic application, and it cost almost nothing compared to competition! And is also very swift!

Excellent software!


Project51 reviewed v10.03 on Feb 26, 2006

Paint Shop Pro is so much easier to use. I love specially the scripting. Does Photoshop have scripting?


utomo reviewed v10.03 on Feb 24, 2006

They must write that this need older version installed.

I think Corel need to update the download with the full download version which did not need anything


stopbuggingme reviewed v10.03 on Feb 24, 2006

you must have install 10.01 and 10.2 install if youwant to update to 10.03


pilose reviewed v10.02 on Dec 20, 2005

The v.02 patches have made me feel a lot better. My first reaction to PSP-X v.00 was disapointment that so many little things had been lost from PSP-9 (or 8 0r 7, for that matter) and for me it detracted from the good stuff they added. I'm still looking for the Defringing Matting control that worked pretty well for eliminating rough edges in cutout layers in PSP-9 but I can work around it with VERY careful eraser dabbbing. I also get crashes now and then when I try to exit Print Layout if I've been working with big files in .pspimage format - and that's with 1GB RAM. So, they get a lot of points for faster and smarter but like the proverbial East German judges, won't get a ten from me. Call it a 9.25


JEdwardP reviewed v10.02 on Dec 13, 2005

This patch wouldn't install over 10.01 for me, but Corel's e-mail support provided a prompt solution.

As a longtime PSP user for both personal and professional purposes, I feared for the future of the program after the Corel buy-out, but I must be fair and report so far, so good.

I see only one minor---though admittedly annoying---bug remaining: after escaping full-screen preview, right-hand pallette positioning in the window is not properly restored.

I hope this will be fixed shortly, but I won't dock a rating point just for it, at least not yet.


minklein reviewed v10.02 on Dec 10, 2005

I love this program, It has met my needs for many years. It is feature rich, easy to use and priced right.

However there is a bug with 9 & 10, systems with dual core processors, and Nvidia 6 & 7 series graphics cards. This applies only if you use the 8x.xx Nvidia drivers, eg. 81.95. Drop back to the 7x.xx drivers and all is well.

Jasc is aware of this as is Nvidia. Basically 9 & 10 won't run with this combo. Version 8 will run on any system with any driver. Ver 9 works great on single core cpus, with the Nvidia cards. I assume that 10 will run fine also. I just built an AMD X2 system so I have to hold off on 10 until the fix is found.

So, did this latest patch have any effect on the above?


yokozuna reviewed v10.02 on Dec 10, 2005

donpacman, unfortunately not. You have to install the full version first and both updates next.


donpacman reviewed v10.02 on Dec 9, 2005

Patch installs just fine with no errors.

Does anybody know with a fresh install of 10.00 do you need both 10.01 and 10.02 or can you just get all updates from 10.02???


mancub reviewed v10.02 on Dec 9, 2005

not as good as serif photo plus 10 professional
digital image editing


Eldar reviewed v10.01 on Oct 14, 2005

I've been a user since version 7 and upgraded with each new release. No different with PSP X. LOL
Starts up a lot faster then PSP 9 and really smooth performance when working with it.
Like the new buttons better. The Pick tool is another which reduces operations compared to previous versions.
A bit getting used too, but that doesn't bother me at all.
Overall Corel has done a great job with this release, as well as keeping the price down.
They screwed up my order, but that has been completely resolved by Support.
Thumbs up from me! :-°)

btw If you haven't even trialed the software, don't bother to review it then. :-(


yokozuna reviewed v10.01 on Oct 4, 2005

Some people make me me laugh, because they do not rate software products, but the company. I do not care if PSP is made by Corel, JASC, Microsoft or Sun (moreover, Corel released the update -baaaaaad, it means they do not know what quality control is, some other companies do the same -gooooood, they care of their customers!). I rate the product!

What do I think about PSPX after the update? Well, it runs smoother than previously, and supports more RAW formats, however, I see no support for Fuji's RAF format (very popular in Europe and Asia). Pity!

BTW, I would like to make two things clear. No advanced image operations can be made without much RAM. It does not depend on the company which made the product. JPEGs must be decompressed in RAM, as well as the algorithms twice or three times more memory because they compare different images stored in RAM memory. So if you want to correct some 8 Mpix images you will have to have a lot of RAM for the images (and it is independent if you use the GIMP, PSP, PS, etc) plus some space for the application itself. That's the reason why s7raw (a Fuji RAF converter) is only 800 kilobytes in size but needs a 512mb RAM computers.

I seems that PSPX will become the king_of_around_100S_or_Euro_editors. Adobe made one of the most stupid things possible, it is reported that their newest suites does not work (even install), with processors without SSE2 (which means that all AMD's Socket A) and, in general, has problems with running on AMD based machines. It was reported many times but I will cut, copy and paste from (I know it is OT, but I know that many people comare one product to another).

Please make your readers aware of the fact that neither Photoshop Elements 4 or Premiere Elements 2 will install on a PC with an AMD processor (at least a 32-bit AMD processor).

Premiere Elements is a go only if you have an Athlon 64 or Opteron chip.

Photoshop Elements is Intel-only.

I've used a lot of photo editing and video editing software for the PC and never found any to be this picky about the brand of the CPU.

I think this is short sighted on Adobe's part and can only serve to alienate a good chunk of its potential market for these products.


donpacman reviewed v10.01 on Oct 4, 2005

PSP X is great and why would anybody want out of date software?
Let go of the past and buy more RAM! :))


Kramy reviewed v10.01 on Oct 3, 2005

To be honest, I haven't tried this version, which is why I gave it a neutral 3. I just wanted to say that Paint Shop Pro 5 takes up around 15mb on the disk, and starts up in roughly 0.5 seconds the first time after boot, and then less than that after that.

Compare this to firefox, which takes around 6 seconds to start after boot...And PSP 8, which takes FOREVER - almost as bad as Adobe crap.


Colour reviewed v10.01 on Oct 3, 2005

Version 7 was the best. 8 was a major letdown, 9 was slightly better, and X is about the same as 9. Not worth the upgrade, really.

I can't stand that anything after version 7. The programs use so many resources when I'm not even doing anything, so imagine how many resources are used when I'm using the program.


Klusternisse reviewed v10.01 on Oct 3, 2005

Paint Shop Pro version 3.12 was the best version. should have been stopped after that :)


JEdwardP reviewed v10.01 on Oct 3, 2005

I've used PSP for years, both personally and professionally, and I like many others worry that Corel will ruin it.

To be bluntly honest, I still believe they eventually will ruin it, but they haven't done it as of this version.

4 1/2 stars, for now.


ranma.2 reviewed v10.01 on Oct 3, 2005

Not what it used to be.--stick with Paint Shop Pro 9.


guevara reviewed v10.01 on Oct 3, 2005

Yes-Don't bother


huppel reviewed v10.01 on Oct 3, 2005

I have been a long time user of Paint Shop Pro.
Since they became "Corel", it looks impossible to discuss in English with them any longer because they systematically put me through to their "only french speaking" subsidiary.
Corel (or should I pronounce it the stupid Frenglish way : Corelle or Corèl ?)answers all my mails in (chauvinistic) French.
As far as I am concerned, this is the end of our fine relationship.
And that is also why I gave this "logicielle" (that is how french people call "software" a bad 1 score (what a pitty that I could not give it a 0 or a -25).


kashin reviewed v10.01 on Oct 3, 2005

Don't bother with this garbage, just stick with Paint Shop Pro 9. What the heck is Corel still doing in business?! That useless company needs to die already, instead of buying up and ruining smaller companies like Jasc. The whole scenario reminds me of AOL when they bought NullSoft (Winamp) and ran it into the ground. Geeze, what ever happened to CorelDraw, hmm? Oh yeah, nobody wanted that POS, so it died. Now Corel thinks they can grab a piece of the image editing pie by acquiring a product where theirs failed miserably. History only repeats itself and where you failed once, you're likely to fail again.

R.I.P. Jasc Inc.


zridling reviewed v10.01 on Oct 3, 2005

International English version is here. On my computer, this version is noticeably faster than 8 or 9. I'm no fan of Corel (Vector Capital is a joke), and the ONE thing I truly hate about PSP X (along with so many other photo editors) is how it handles text. Otherwise, it's pretty darn good.

This 10.01 maintenance release contains 9 fixes for general issues, plus 10 Camera Raw improvements, 5 TIFF format fixes, and 2 JP2K format fixes. It is recommended for all users.

— The Browser palette's auto-scroll feature now stops when you select a thumbnail.
— IPTC data edited via the Browser palette is now correctly saved.
— Problems with adjusting Date Taken field on JPEG files have been fixed.
— Problems launching Paint Shop Pro by double-clicking an image have been fixed.
— The Date Taken field can now be set to dates prior to 1970.
— Problems with saving paletted images have been fixed.
— Saving 24-bit files to EPS/IFF/PCT/XWD formats no longer gives an incorrect message that the bit depth needs to be changed to 24-bit.
— The Image > Arithmetic command now correctly clips color values.
— Merging vector layers while the layer name is in rename mode no longer causes problems.
— If you eject a CD while the Browser palette is generating thumbnails, Paint Shop Pro no longer becomes unstable.

— EXIF data is now fully supported in Camera Raw formats.
— Camera Raw de-mosaicing quality has been improved.
— The auto-rotate feature now works with Camera Raw files.
— Nikon D50 Camera raw files are now supported.
— Canon EOS Kiss Digital N Camera Raw files are now supported.
— Olympus E-1, E-10, and E-20 Camera Raw files are now supported.
— Canon Rebel XT/350D Camera Raw thumbnail quality has been improved.
— Kodak DC760C Camera Raw thumbnail quality has been improved.
— Pentax *istD Camera Raw thumbnail quality has been improved.
— With the cursor over a Browser palette thumbnail of certain Camera Raw files, the tooltip info that appears no longer reports color photos as greyscale.

— TIFF files containing multiple alpha channels are now saved correctly.
— IPTC metadata is now correctly read from and saved to TIFF files.
— Resolution settings are now saved correctly in CMYK TIFF files.
— Problems with some CMYK TIFF files not generating preview thumbnails have been fixed.
— Problems saving CMYK and RGB TIFF files have been fixed.

— Problems with JPEG 2000 (JP2) files containing transparency have been fixed.
— Color shift issues when saving layered files to JPEG 2000 format have been fixed.


VictorianArtist reviewed vX on Sep 17, 2005

Just downloaded trial while I await my boxed version. Looks like we now have a registration code unlike previous versions.

But.. from what I can see other than the user interface update and some polishing on some tools, it is an update targeted to digital camera editing. It even shows the camera as part of the logo. I use it for that to some degree, but my interest is mainly in other graphic elements. The learning center is nice; and can teach some of us some nuiances we weren't aware of, or forgotten..! Takes up space that I don't want to use, and can be turned off.

I think the 9 update was more beneficial. Ten seems to run faster, but it automatically loads pictures from your computer which takes up lots of memory. I prefer to do that on my own. I am mixed on it. It is good and bad. It kind of does with the browse function did.

As for whether or not it is worth it. Hmmmm, well, certainly. It is not essential however as the changes are not significant enough for me. I agree with past posts in that it is Corel stating... it is now "mine."


alanpalmer reviewed vX on Sep 11, 2005

The screen shot is of version 9. I'm still waiting for my International English version download link to be provided...


huppel reviewed vX on Sep 10, 2005

I like Paint Shop Pro a lot - no misunderstandings please !

Version X promises are not met however.
- it starts up even slower than versions 8 & 9
- there are so called new features : hmmmm

My opinion is that Corel wants to show that they own PSP now !

So beware :
- A large company aquires a "small but nice" competitor
- The large company kills the beauty because too cheap.

In other words :
- Keep your version 9


Colour reviewed vX on Sep 8, 2005

It's a good program, only it uses up too many resources -- even while doing nothing. That makes it a pain to use, even though it's easier to use than Photoshop and (in some ways) more powerful.


heyupandy reviewed vX on Sep 8, 2005

exellent program but can be a little tricky to use at times, very powerful tho and many features, just takes a while to get used 2 properly


httpd.confused reviewed vX on Sep 8, 2005

Won't even install on my system. Nice.

The comment above regarding load time is curious, given that Corel claims version X loads much faster than previous versions.

The price shown here ($99) is incorrect. Corel has raised the price to $119/129, and the upgrade fee from earlier versions (version 4+) is $55/59 (download/boxed).

To this day, I have never seen anything good happen after a bigger company has taken over a smaller company or its products.


mcm reviewed vX on Sep 7, 2005

Great product and can highly recommend.

Kind of pain that Corel now owns it, if I want to upgrade from PSP8 which I'm considering. It seems you can only do it from the website if you live in US. Going to its partner link they're only offering the old PSP9 upgrade box (no download version) and charging US$150 instead of US$59 which Corel charges. So I guess that means I will be stuck with PSP8 unless Corel opens up their stores.


darkuni reviewed vX on Sep 7, 2005

I've been a PSP user since 3.12 and have found that it always exceeds my needs in quality, value, and features. Many people believe that PSP pretty much peaked out at V6 (and for many people - that's ALL you need). Granted, V7-9 were a lot LESS value for your upgrade money. I wasn't happen when Corel bought PSP - frankly I don't like Corel at all, and Things Change(tm) when a company you don't like gets ahold of product you love (see Adobe getting Cool Edit).

Despite the GOOFY a** online activation BULLSH*T (its time for that trend to go away), Corel has given PSP a full facelift (not a bad thing - Joe Q. Consumer bases ALL their opinions on how things look - not how they work) and added something that's been needed for years - AUTOMATIC Red Eye fixing (none of this creepy fake eye stuff that you have to place the pupil yourself). The new learning center is dynamic and useful (esp. for the newbs). The footprint is still outrageous - but as previously mentioned, no 2 x 400MB swap files are required to run the program, so ... It starts up about the same speed at V9 does (meaning its still too slow) and processes things comparably. Is this worth buying again? Tough call .. if you're back on V6 or 7 - yeah, you might consider it. If you're new, looking for a little handholding and doing some digital photo touchups, you could do a lot worse. Otherwise, this is V9 reskinned from what I've played with thus far, and the online activation is totally annoying. If you're still looking for Deluxe Paint 4 for the PC, this isn't it (for those doing 2D gaming graphics, and the like - I SERIOUSLY recommend GRAPHICS GALE ( - its as close to Dpaint as you're going to get folks).

I look forward to taking PSPX out for more rides in the future.


Banquo reviewed vX on Sep 7, 2005

Very responsive compared to the latest Photoshop Elements. The features are more intuitive and should be enough for most home users. I was worried that Corel would ruin it but they've done a rather nice job. I don't like the fact that you have to create an account with them though.


yokozuna reviewed vX on Sep 7, 2005

I downloaded the trial version yesterday and I was so pleasantly surprised that I bought it today. I use both JASC PSP 9.01 and Adobe PS CS2 almost every day. Corel PSP X combines the positives of both. The price of PSP X is a steal (the price of PS CS2 is insane, esp. in Europe) and the hardware requirements acceptable. The interface is very intuitive. The algorithms used for image corrections are simply superb! Often one or two clicks are more than enough if you want to correct your pictures!
Image management is the Achilles' heel of both PS2 and PSPX. Adobe Bridge is hopeless and unusable (you have to be a masochist to use it!!). Corel Photo Album 6 is a bit better but hard to say impressive. I find both Nabocorp cam2pc and ArcSoft PhotoBase 4.5 much better.
Corel PSP X could support more RAW formats. I hope it will be improved in the future.

Anyway, I am impressed by Corel PSP X! Well done!

PS Do you want to know something more about Corel PSP and how to use it? I strongly recommend to go here: You will find a lot of useful tips there.


BrokerLadder reviewed vX on Sep 7, 2005

First of all, Betanews pls update the screen shot this is not Version 9 anymore.

Second I couldn't get a serial key during installation, I went to thier site to search for support but nothing... What kind of a lame company don't give you the ability to get the serial number on the site and "advice" you to disable the firewall or enable cookies if you couldn't get the serial during installation.
If you going to trouble the user with 100MB+ of download at least get it right!.


zridling reviewed vX on Sep 7, 2005

Worst. Installation Process. Ever.

Thanks Corel for staying the idiotic course with the most complex installations of all software. I've used Corel PhotoPaint for almost ten years, but this version 10 of Paint Shop Pro has finally persuaded me. Jasc never put what USERS wanted in the program, but by Vishnu, they sure loaded it with the kitchen sink. This version loads in less than 2 seconds on my system, is cheaper than CorelDRAW Suite (never used the Draw part anyway), and if you're willing to spend time with its learning curve, Paint Shop Pro will repay you.

FileForum needs to change the links, the price (now $119 online), and the screenshot. If you're looking to get into a well-supported image editor that's not Photoshop, you'll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with Paint Shop Pro. Check out for more on support.


indoguys reviewed vX on Sep 6, 2005

I use PSP right from the day it was introduced on the market and still is my number one tool in design. The hype about Adobe products is far over done. Problem is that most pro designers just don't want to admit that Adobe products are bulky, slow and difficult to use. PSP came along way indeed and sure I'm a bit worried not going the same way as Photoshop or Corel getting a bulky thing. And last one is related again to the moment Corel took over PSP. I like Corel Draw very much, that means the idea of this app is very good wan't it that it one of the most slowest and bulky software I ever seen! So pro designers should go less with the trendy hype about Adobe as in real it isn't that good at all. Only thing PSP should handle is their update patches which are far to big for downloads, esp. if you have to relate on slow modem connections.

A 5 but should be a 9 for PSP


bogdandryo reviewed vX on Sep 6, 2005

the best image and photo editor software.
maybe you should change the screenshot with one from the new version


EdS reviewed v9.01 on Nov 24, 2004

"In Windows Explorer, right-clicking an image file and attempting to open it with Paint Shop Pro 9 was not working." -- PSP 9.01 bug-fix list.

Still not working, but the history pallette with selective undo (v. 9.00) remains amazing.


felix reviewed v9.01 on Nov 22, 2004

I prefer Paint Shop Pro over Adobe Photoshop. Still easier to use, especially for newbies. It's become slightly bloated over the years but still quicker than Photoshop.


cominupquik reviewed v9.01 on Nov 22, 2004

about time they update, and it has fixed the most annoying bug of all, the maximized preview to maximized normal, now i've finally uninstalled v8 and finally get to use v9.

when i first started out on working with gfx, i choose psp, learned as many tutorials as i could, and became sooo acustomed to it, i finally got around to using photoshop and didnt like it one bit because i couldnt get the desired effect :(, so i still use psp.


httpd.confused reviewed v9.0 on Sep 30, 2004

A great image-editing application, and a worthwhile upgrade for owners of prior versions. The new menu is the fully-customizable kind, and it's great.

However, with an installed size approaching 200 MB, it's pretty bulky. I don't worry all that much about the disk space, really, but the start-up times are MUCH slower than they were with version 7, particularly when PSP 9 is launched for the first time after a reboot. The load time is simply terrible!


pipdipchip reviewed v9.0 on Sep 8, 2004

I have had PSP9 for a few days now and love it. It's just the right mix of ease and features. Nice price when compared to Photoshop too.


TC17 reviewed v9.0 on Sep 8, 2004

This is an excellent editor. Just as good, and much easier to use than Photoshop in my opinion. Plus it costs a ton less than the way overpriced Photoshop does. Amazon currently has this program for $60 after rebates, compared to the insane $600 Photoshop costs.


ips reviewed v9.0 on Sep 8, 2004

Wow, a lot bigger than 8.1 - 8.1 installer is 57 MB; 9.0 installer is 101 MB!


mcm reviewed v9.0.0 Beta on Aug 6, 2004

There is not a lot different with this version. A few more effects and wizards. However, what's under the hood seems to be improved a lot. The program uses half the memory compared to v8.10 and caching system works a whole lot faster.

From their site it would appear they're releasing another product called Paint Shop Pro Studio thats meant to be a more user friendly version of PSP9. Altogether a fully featured photo editor at a much cheaper price than Adobe Photoshop.


razorhasyou reviewed v9.0.0 Beta on Aug 4, 2004

Finaly an update. Version 8.10 was buggy as hell...
I've been waiting for this a whole year. Thanks Jasc!


cricri_pingouin reviewed v8.10 on Jun 29, 2004

I used PSP trial for some time and deciding that there was no way I could afford shelling out that much money for the package, especially for personal use. After trying The Gimp, free and recommended by some, I still prefered PSP (because I'm not all that familiar with The Gimp just yet, because PSP has Animation Shop, and because I find The Gimp slightly unstable at times). But considering the price tag, The Gimp was a better alternative overall. So I decided to uninstall PSP. Then I run a tool to search the registry for leftovers, and found... 1121 ENTRIES! Yes, that is one thousand one hundred twenty one entries! Unbelievable! After a proper uninstallation! I checked most of them and sure enough all the ones I checked are genuine leftovers left by PSP. So PSP is banned in my book now.


Apollos reviewed v8.01 on Jun 18, 2003

yeah, it's cool if they tidied up the program a bit with this update, smoothed a few bugs, I LOVE it, not as an alternative to Photoshop, but as a companion.

I use them both when I do photography, both great programs


Jeffsoft reviewed v8.01 on Jun 18, 2003

what's new?


kNIGitz reviewed v8.01 on Jun 18, 2003

There may be better graphic programs, but this one includes everything you need. It also has some real neat built in tools which other graphic programs don't have. The user interface may be a little messy, but in all honesty it's what PSP users are use to. And about the splash screen, the webpage has nothing to do with the program -- they may have simply hired website designers to make their site. The program isn't very buggy, like photoshop sometimes is..but it also doesn't have the feel I'm use to. All in all, it's a great alternative to photoshop for me. Maybe #1 for others.


Tux_Racer reviewed v8.0 on May 12, 2003

kmansuri: I am not evaluating the splash screen. I did not make commentary as to the quality of it, I just find it both ironic and sad that they would not use their own product in the splash screen included in it (it was done in Photoshop or Fireworks). The product itself is bloated, and the interface is horrible. Aparently the people at Jasc agree with me enough for them to use another product for their graphical work.


shetiphian reviewed v8.0 on Apr 30, 2003

At first glance I thought Paint Shop Pro 8 wasn't for me. Unlike my Paint Shop Pro 7 it looked cluttered and too much was missing. Yes there was a few features I liked, such as how each tool option was under its own category.
I uninstalled it, but reinstalled to show someone else.
To my surprise, on further investigation, all my old features where there, plus more, all neatly aranged and even more convienent.


sirhardi reviewed v8.0 on Apr 29, 2003

I am also excited to see this version, one thing should be mentioned, LOTS ogf the plug ins for Adobe Photoshop work just as well in paintshiop, I personally like the ease and structured easty to find workflow much more convinient than in Adobe products.

To me it is the fastest compression ptrogram "web Design" but lacks in features for masking and retouching aka healing brush "adobe".

I am not as sophisticated yet, therefore the ?JASC product is my choice.


kmansuri reviewed v8.0 on Apr 28, 2003

Tux_Racer, we're evaluating the program, not the splash screen. I find that both Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop are both difficult to master, and overall Photoshop is more powerful thanks to the endless amounts of plug-ins available for it. However, Paint Shop's UI is a more user-friendly than Photoshop's in subtle ways. PSP is a great program for the novice to professional graphic designer/editor. And considering that it's wayyyy cheaper than Adobe's Photoshop, I highly recommend picking this up.


Apollos reviewed v8.0 on Apr 28, 2003

cool, the final is finally out. Does anyone know if this version still includes Animation Shop?


hAnsa reviewed v8.0 Beta 6 on Apr 10, 2003

best suite on earth - without being bloatware like photoshop
very excellent export optimizers for JPG and PNG
lacks support for ICO files
beta 5 crashes on creation of more complicated masks


xenos reviewed v8.0 Beta 5 on Apr 3, 2003

I actually like the new interface much better than PSP 7. This is a great paint program for a reasonable price. What more could you ask for?


Tux_Racer reviewed v8.0 Beta 5 on Mar 29, 2003

n4srX: Jasc didn't even use PSP for PSP's splashscreen or their own damn site lol. Which is pathetic for obvious reasons. The UI in PSP8 is absolutely horrible. Probably one of the reasons Jasc has resorted to using other products to design the splashscreen and website for their own laff.


Cormac reviewed v8.0 Beta 5 on Mar 29, 2003

jkuy9: Actually I was looking at the ugly lines in the titlebar of the windows at the right of the screen. But everything about the GUI is ugly.


n4srX reviewed v8.0 Beta 5 on Mar 29, 2003

Excellent. Have used PSP since version 4. Do not believe these ret***s who say the UI is bloated, if they have used PSP as long as they say they have, they would know that the toolbars and icons are fully configurable. Everytime to configurable, but not so bad to where you can **** it up like these bozos. :D I wholeheartly recommend trying it out, and possibly buying the final version, I have already pre-ordered mine!


deviantATTILA reviewed v8.0 Beta 3 on Mar 6, 2003

I've been a user of Pain Shop Pro for about a year and a half and have gotten very comfortable with the general layout and feel of the program. I like how they stick to their guns and don't drastically change the fundamental aspects of the program that designers have gotten to know over the years.

On an unreleated topic, I'm a software editor for a popular design website called deviantART. Could someone please send me the changelog.txt or history.txt that accompanies this latest release of PaintShopPro 8.0 Beta 3? Please email: [email protected] if you can help me out, thanks.


joc reviewed v8.0 Beta 3 on Mar 6, 2003

To Safaa_Pro:
I am from Hungary, we have many international (special) characters. At last in the v8 they correct this problem, I can write all hungarian sets. (árvíztűrőtükörfúrógép)



emtp563 reviewed v8.0 Beta 3 on Mar 6, 2003

Thanks, I think it will be worth the wait. Thanks for pulling it as soon as you found the bug- saves us a lot of headaches- that's what beta is all about ;-) Can't wait for this beta, beta 2 was awesome. I think PSP 8 is definitely a winner!


monkeyrapist reviewed v8.0 Beta 3 on Mar 6, 2003

(3/5/03) The files were removed due to a bug which crashed the program when the splash screen was diabled. Should be available for download again soon.


donpacman reviewed v8.0 Beta 3 on Mar 6, 2003

It looks like it was pulled from jasc for unknown reasons?
but the release notes are there


Rob2771 reviewed v8.0 Beta 3 on Mar 6, 2003

Dead link - psp8_pubbeta3.exe does not even exist on Jasc ftp sites (presently March 5 11pm PST). Even though Jasc acknowledges 8.0 beta 3 in the download readme on the beta page.


Safaa_Pro reviewed v8.0 Beta 2 on Feb 22, 2003

PSP is a wonderful graphics editing software, it has all the features that most of the graphics users need plus the very very ease of use tools !!! in compare with Photo Shop or Corel .. ( sometimes you need courses or to read books to learn about Photo Shop ) but with Paint Shop Pro you don't need to...
I've been using PSP for years, actually from version 3.0 till now and I'm so happy with it for all versions.
Only 1 thing ... old versions of PSP 3,4,5 had support for Arabic and Hebrew script ( I mean when you insert a text on a pic ) but later versions 6,7 and also 8 doesn't support multilanguage script...I remembered I've sent email to Jasc about this problem 2 years ago, they replied me that they will fix it !!! but the problem is still also in version 8 beta 2 :-(


apalmer reviewed v8.0 Beta 2 on Feb 21, 2003

Excellent. As good as Photoshop for most purposes, and the addition of scripting has opened up a whole new area. I must say I found the new GUI a little confusing at first, but I suspect that will soon wear off once I've used it a few more times.


Zulithe reviewed v8.0 Beta 1 on Feb 19, 2003

I've used Paint Shop Pro off and on since the 3.x versions, and never have I been disappointed. It is a very affordable and capable Photoshop replacement.

On a personal level, I like to do sprite artwork. Photoshop isn't very well suited for it, and I've found Paint Shop Pro to be far more useful for what I need to do. This new version's improved features, in particular to me, the paint engine, is impressive! The new version 8 looks to be the huge innovation PSP fans have been waiting for. What are YOU waiting for? Download it now.


pihead reviewed v8.0 Beta 1 on Feb 18, 2003

I would like to point out that the screenshot posted is of PSP7 not PSP8. The UI has completely changed in PSP8 and is completely customizable. You can now record scripts, for those familiar with the Python language that is what PSP uses for its scripting. Using the batch conversion tool you can call a script to do batch processing of images. New tools like background eraser and warp brush. New filters such as balls and bubbles, seamless tilling(it works now!). Tons of changes everywhere.

Download the beta and visit for links to their beta newsgroup where you can discuss and report bugs/features/ideas.


Arnvid reviewed v8.0 Beta 1 on Feb 18, 2003

Okay, let me get into this one - LOL. First, professional? Professional use? As a professional artist (- that is with brushes and canvas), I normally use brushes that are made for house painting and not "fine art". Reason is that "house painting" brushes give me the effect I want; so-called professional art brushes don't give me same effect. So the cheap brushes are my professional tools, not the expensive fine art brushes... Still I guess that when people buy the result made with my "unprofessional brushes" for tens of thousand dollars - that makes it professional? A friend who is a "professional photographer" did once an exhibition with "one time" plastic cameras while leaving his Leica, Pentax and other "professional" cameras at home. The gallery that hosted his exhibition made it all "professional" I guess? My bottom line here is that it's not the tool that makes something professional or not - it's the person using the tool that decide if a result is professional or not! So to talk about "best tool" here is for me a bit out in the blue - most people I know who makes a living working with electronic image / photos - use first of all far MORE than one software tool. As said before, for many PSP fits for smaller jobs and where one find it convenient - APS for the more heavy jobs. Then maybe some touches of Gimp for a dash of sepia and more, some software for this and other for that. So professional end images are normally a result of several software rather than the "best software" (which I don't think exists, it all depend why and how you use a particular software. If you only want to resize a picture, well then APS is a bloatware - LOL). Many use PSP as one of the main software for image editing, APS is hard to avoid, and there is many other is around. It's all about "taste" and how one work with images. My personal favourite among image software is DeepPaint, but that one cannot be compared with PSP and APS even if it’s a software in same main image category. The v8b indicates quite clearly that PSP still will have its place. For many it can be the only software for images they need to pay for (lot's of good freeware image software around as well). Others will find it a good companion to APS - other again will not need it - and some will for sure hate it. But I don't believe "the best" or "the worst" is any helpful way to describe software, rather try to say what one like / use and what one don't like / don't use, what works and what don't - what's there and what is missing? Personally I have parts I would never use another software than PSP for, still I agree with netean that an update of PSP's gui would fit a imaging software (-:


netean reviewed v8.0 Beta 1 on Feb 18, 2003

whilst I do like PSP, I do think that it's time the interface was improved... it's so old and tired looking. Those icons look they were designed 10 years ago (which they probably were)
It sad that a quality graphics app like this has such a visually unappealing look. I'm sure that tarting up the interface would work wonders for improving it's image, it always did look a bit "shareware" and sadly still does, despite it's excellent feature set.


ye110manz reviewed v7.04 on Jan 12, 2003

this is a fairly powerful program. it's not photoshop but it's good enough for 99% of people. i use it instead of photoshop because it loads in a faction of the time. if you need to use photoshop you may still want to install this for quick touchup editing.


Goalkeepr reviewed v1.02 on Mar 29, 2002

App looks OK so far, but this is NOT freeware.

It's a 30-day evaluation. The full version is $129.


qbest reviewed v7.04 on Aug 29, 2001

program is k, but if u think those cheerleaders r hot, hmm....


Rob2771 reviewed v7.04 on Aug 25, 2001

Has anybody using Win2k tried this yet - For me it has crashed numerous times. Did not have these problems with 7.02.


nickgreiner reviewed v7.04 on Aug 24, 2001

I also give ALL the hotties in the background all fives too!!! Believe me, hot cheerleaders sell
products quite nicely :)


FireGaming reviewed v7.04 on Aug 24, 2001

Mise as well post another one since everyone else did. My note of the day is....



Golden.Blood reviewed v7.04 on Aug 24, 2001

Two 3's by the guy below... So two 5's from me, there is nothing -program- wrong with this, you wont find bugs (at least I havent yet). This deserves a 5 it is easy to use and nice. Birds have wings.


The_Spectre reviewed v7.01 on Jan 19, 2001

Sorry. One more thing. When I said: "A single-user license for these programs is likely to be purchased by someone who produces graphics for a living..." I meant that Adobe/Macromedia products are more likely to be used in a commercial environment (at least in my experience). PSP is a more than adequate consumer-level product.


bobad reviewed v7.01 on Jan 19, 2001

Not too impressive, but it's a start!

xVariable, I would like to know how a FREE program can be a rip-off. Sounds like you have no appreciation for the hard work that goes into programming. Just quit downloading free software and buy all your stuff, OK?


ajsaragosa reviewed v7.01 on Jan 16, 2001

also another note to nickgreiner, you have to PAY for it to get rid of the 30 day limitation. as you do with any other program. (well unless you crack/hack it, lol)


skblimey reviewed v7.01 on Jan 16, 2001

Excellent program but Ulead's PhotoImpact 6 is even better!


felix reviewed v7.01 on Jan 16, 2001

Paint Shop Pro is the most user friendly imaging editing program hands down!


camper reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 26, 2000

Photoshop's sharpen and edge sharpen filters are MUCH better than PSP's.


brilfabex reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 25, 2000

To nickgreiner:

It is called a "final" version because it is no longer in beta. Yes, it is also a 30 day evaluation version, as "final" and "free" do not equate.


future2003 reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 25, 2000

Nice programm, we tried evaluation version and will be buying it for techs in Denver International Airport, who are a bit confused with high end applications like HP Openview. Giving it rating 5 for usefullness and to support russian developers :) (I count mself as one of them)


nickgreiner reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 25, 2000

Just thought you all outta know this....
How can this be called a "final" verion when it's simply a 30 day evaluation of the program.
Certainly not worth the hours it'd take to d/l this 32meg puppy using DUN just to have it work 30 days.


rubicant reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 25, 2000

those of you who are saying this thing is as good as photoshop ... YOU need to get a clue. phrostbyte especially. as a raw program photoshop is far superior. if you disagree then you should stop using eye candy for everything and start doing some actual image editing/creation without just making words and using inner bevel on them 25 times.


busta reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 24, 2000

If you've learned some basics of Photoshop, you'd know how much more powerful Photoshop is to PSP. But PSP is good stuff too.


dp004i reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 24, 2000

A notable improvement over the previous version, but it still sucks compared to Photoshop (ImageReady) when it comes to web graphics.


PhrostByte reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 24, 2000

You're a complete dumba**. Paint Shop Pro can do everything Photoshop can, and more. Why is Photoshop better? Because of the plugins? The stupid plugins that can be used in Paint Shop Pro also? Oh ok... That makes sence you bag of monkey crap, c'mon. Get a clue.


CPUGuy reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 23, 2000

PhrostByte: if you think this is the best thing out there, then you don't even being to have a clue.... There are numerous image editing software packages out there today which are FAR superior, the 2 most common are Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia Fireworks.

PainShopPro is _NOT_ Photoshop for $500 less you gimp, PaintShopPro doesn't even have 1/4 of the functionality available from Photoshop


busta reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 23, 2000

32MB download now? WTF?


jrcamp reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 23, 2000

Actually, HazE2k, it should be called "Adobe Photoshop for $500 less." Have you even used it? Jesus, what a dumba**. You've gotten spade already, right?


anthony-s reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 23, 2000

can we have a new description please? "paint shop pro 6" doesnt really apply now!


HazE2k reviewed v7.0 Final on Sep 23, 2000

correction... i WOULDN'T use it if they payed me too... ha JASC you get another "1" =]


captainmarvel reviewed v7.0 Beta 5 on Aug 23, 2000

Personally, I like it. I've used it for years. It has the best camera support for my Kodak digital camera, better than the crap that came with the camera from Kodak.


TreMetal reviewed v7.0 Beta 5 on Aug 23, 2000

This is a bash:

This program is an uninspired piece of crap. I might as well buy canvas and paint draw a picture and scan it in. PSP has been sucking ever since it's first release and probably never will not suck. No loyalty to beta testers shows that this programming team does not deserve anyones support, so save your self the download.


dso47 reviewed v7.0 Beta 3 on Aug 4, 2000

Still no update patch for beta testers! That shows no appreciation on behalf of the Jasc team -- I certainly am not going to the trouble of testing their software any longer, nor download a 29MB every time they make a change to the software.


DrPayOut reviewed v7.0 Beta 3 on Aug 3, 2000

Aesthir: you can choose in Photoshop to use 'precise cursors' (self explanatory).

The things you mentioned about the box size and stuff is quite rudimentary if you don't mind me saying.

Photoshop has strength in producing web graphics which I believe PSP to be falling behind in rather badly, however, PSP 7 is an extremely good product and very promising at current stage!! It's pretty stable too, I'd give it a try!!


Aesthir reviewed v7.0 Beta 2 on Jul 20, 2000

Uh, mrp-, just what DO you consider a bash, then?
Anyway, I like PSP tools over PS. With PSP, I know exactly where the cursor is on the image, and if, say, I was making a box, as I'm dragging, PSP tells me the dimensions of the box I'm making on the status bar.


mrp- reviewed v7.0 Beta on Jul 10, 2000

i dont get how people can use this program, i never liked it, I tried it like years ago, and i hated it then, decided to try this ver, still hate it, its like MS-Paint with plugins ... Im sticking to photoshop

(note, this is not a bash against psp, just my opinion, so no flames please)


bobad reviewed v7.0 Beta on Jul 8, 2000

I've been using PSP since it was a tiny little file converter. I still remember the logo, which was considered cool in those days. PSP (And who can leave out WinZip?)is the heart and soul of the Shareware industry. This version has significant new features that bring it closer to Photo Shop in power and functionality. It's more than worth the large download. Good job, JASC! Now if you could trim some of some of that bloat...


jamwheat reviewed v7.0 Beta on Jul 7, 2000

Great program! I like the "batch convert" feature...I played with that for a while. So far so good, and hoping the full release is even better!


JayWoo reviewed v7.0 Beta on Jul 7, 2000

Yep, the best. Every report I've ever read about AV software puts the same three on top, AVP, McCafee, and F-Protect. However, from experiencing all three, AVP is the fastest and most reliable. Updates are easiest to download and apply and the most up to date. Also, AVP has caught many than those others have missed, especially Norton. One of the very few programs that after purchasing it and using it, didn't feel any regret for wasting money. In fact I was glad to support the company.


autowern reviewed v7.0 Beta on Jul 7, 2000

yeah... rather good. though a bit buggy in places, it almost made me do the switch from photoshop5 to psp. I just love the vector tools in psp! well. this can't get much better!


l33tness reviewed v7.0 Beta on Jul 7, 2000

Tried to install it, didn't work. "Internal error 23.." during installation. Damn.


Tridus reviewed v7.0 Beta on Jul 7, 2000

Gotta love big free icon collections, this takes me back to my win3.1 days. :-)


GangMan reviewed v6.01 on Dec 16, 1999

Absolutely kicks ass! If you are using PhotoShop forget about that program and start using PSP!


minus reviewed v6.01 on Dec 16, 1999

I would say: how can IE compare to Opera? --Really I use Opera every day... and It still blows me away how much faster opera is over IE. --and the idea that it is under 1.44 megs is kinda neat to. -- I don't care much about the later point ..but it really does hit home when you can put an entire browser onto a 3.5 floppy...install it into a friends computer...and watch them smile as they log onto the internet and witness the increased performance.
The only thing that sucks lately is that some pages have not started to work at all with opera because of proprietary IE code. It works with Java and Flash..and it's gonna breath new life into Linux. --It's the browser wars all over again. ...(sorta).



hilbe reviewed v6.01 on Dec 15, 1999

Favorite graphics program, I like it better than Adobe for doing HTML work. Gives HTML color codes and is great for sizing/converting files.


Lupo reviewed v6.01 on Dec 15, 1999

how can someone compare opera with the genius ie.
but it seems that the internetexploder needs a more
modern interface.

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