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Reviewed Opera for Windows 47.0.2631.80

Sold to China, Collects personal data, sends to China. No Thanks Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows (Developer) 46.0.2556.0

Opera is owned by a Chineese company that has a rep of dirty tricks. Opera sends your browsing data to China so if you are ok with that then browse away.
Not me!! Read full review

Reviewed Avira Free Antivirus

I had Avira for a while. It slowed down my system, locked the hosts file, and started a scan on every start up that I was not able to stop or find out how to control it. When I uninstalled it, several portions of the program remain and refused... Read full review

Reviewed WindowBlinds 10.62

I also do not use because of the license issue. Having to re buy the program every few months is a real turnoff..Give me the option of upgrading but do not invalidate my current install just because I do not choose to upgrade. Too many Shareware... Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows

Maxthon was reported to "phone Home, China) sending personal info to who knows where/whom. Opera browser does the same thing. Not interested in pgms that do this...Turned all windows 10 report back options off as well. Read full review

Reviewed foobar2000 1.3.16

I get the same notification from AVG...I am not going to download any more versions until it can be determined that it is free of malware/viruses/trojans etc. Read full review

Reviewed Avant Browser Ultimate 2017 Build 8

Maxthon reported to send personal data back to China, so this one is suspect as well. I have stopped using anything coming out of China... Read full review

Reviewed WindowBlinds 10.62

It has some good but having to rebuy the program every few months is a turn off for me. Put it out there and then charge for updates if necessary...but give the option to the user to upgrade or not... Read full review

Reviewed SpamBully for Outlook

I used this for a while while it was free but when they changed it to a annual fee, i dropped it....also dropped outlook as well. Check out Postbox and Emclient...Much better choice and better spam monitoring. Also ther is Clyton, a good client... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 55.0.3

In relation to past releases, 43.0.3 seems to have a lag when mouse clicking on any item. The scrolling seems to stall for 2-3 seconds. When changing URL's,
I will frequently get "not responding" messages and if I wait for FF to respond, it... Read full review

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