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Member since December 16, 2004

  • Name

    Won Ju

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    United States of America

Favorite Files

  1. Becky! Internet Mail
  2. FastStone Capture
  3. Image for Windows
  4. Internet Download Manager
  5. MyPhoneExplorer
  6. NetSetMan
  7. Notepad2
  8. nVIDIA GeForce Drivers for Windows
  9. PotPlayer (64-bit)
  10. PowerPro
  11. Process Hacker
  12. Rainmeter
  13. Registry Workshop
  14. SoftPerfect Network Scanner
  15. UltraISO
  16. WinPatrol
  17. WinSCP

Recent Posts

  1. Review - O&O ShutUp10

    v1.3.1355.1 (Feb 25, 2016)

    This is ok. But I prefer W10Privacy ( plus Aegis ( These two are regularly updated and will get rid of all the prying MS eyes.

  2. Review - USB Drive Letter Manager (USBDLM) (64-bit) Beta (Apr 16, 2014)

    Works well with USB keys; it's less successful with external hard drives that the author claims also can be assigned a fixed drive letter. I've been corresponding with the author back and forth to try to fix the issue but as of this version, it's still broken. Also, unlike earlier versions, you cannot designate an installation directory.

  3. Review - MusicBee

    2.3 RC1 (Feb 18, 2014)

    Used to be a great program. But the developer has eliminated support for alternative playlists like .pls and crippled support for the standard *.M3U playlist by eliminating the ability to save a .m3u playlist without file paths so that the playlist can be used on a portable device that doesn't know where your music files live. Bummer.

  4. Review - Executor

    0.99.12b (Feb 7, 2014)

    I've switched to Run-Command 2.12

  5. Review - MusicBee

    2.3.5100 Beta (Dec 18, 2013)

    Goodbye AIMP3. One-click ripping, tagging and album art, auto launch of PotPlayer when clicking on video, theater mode highly customizeable AND FREE. MusicBee just rocks.