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Arnold's Profile

Member since December 8, 1999

  • Name

    Arnold Saenz

  • Location:

    United States of America

Favorite Files

  1. Aes Crypter Lite
  2. Attribute Changer
  3. Bitdefender SafePay
  4. BitTorrent for Windows
  5. CCleaner for Windows
  6. Classic Shell
  7. Cobian Backup
  8. Complete Internet Repair
  9. Crystal Security
  10. DeleteOnClick
  11. DownThemAll
  12. eBoostr
  13. Epic
  14. Fotor
  15. Free Clipboard Manager
  16. Free Countdown Timer
  17. Free File Wiper
  18. FreeText
  19. GnuCash
  20. GoSURF
  21. IceCream Image Resizer
  22. Jaangle
  23. MozBackup (Mozilla Backup)
  24. Mozilla Firefox (64-bit Beta)
  25. Mozilla Firefox for Windows
  26. My Lockbox
  27. Opera for Windows
  28. Orca Browser
  29. Pale Moon (32-bit)
  30. Password Depot
  31. Pazera Free MP4 to AVI Converter
  32. PicoCrypt
  33. POP Peeper
  34. Precise Calculator
  35. Process Blocker
  36. Restore Point Creator
  37. RetroShare for Windows
  38. Revo Uninstaller
  39. RollBack Rx
  40. S10 Password Vault
  41. Second Copy
  42. ShadowUser Pro
  43. ShareX
  44. Spyware Terminator
  45. Start8
  46. Surf Anonymous Free
  47. Sylpheed
  48. TeamViewer
  49. TheWorld Browser
  50. Tone Generator
  51. TrueCrypt
  52. Unchecky
  53. Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection
  54. VirtualBox
  55. Waterfox for Windows
  56. XULPlayer
  57. Zoom Player FREE

Recent Posts

  1. Review - IceCream Screen Recorder

    1.38 (Apr 3, 2015)

    Seems to have basic requirements to capture video but still buggy ... I couldn't save changed settings because it would freeze and after recording video it wouldn't save the video file because it froze. I'd like it more if I had time-lapse capabilities.

  2. Review - Vivaldi for Windows (32-bit) Snapshot (Mar 10, 2015)

    I agree with the alpha stage ... can't even easily setup a user defined download area. I wouldn't discourage development but far from being my main browser in its current implementation ... too many disadvantages not enough pros YET.

  3. Review - SpyShelter Premium

    9.6.3 (Feb 20, 2015)

    FYI since no SpyShelter Firewall in fileforum as of yet, I thought I'd let whomever is interested know that SF passed Comodo Leak Test with 340/340 on my system. I'd be more interested if the price wasn't quite so hefty. (I might be in the market at around half their asking price).

    Edit: Firewall only allows 15 days to evaluate and per message on screen will randomly stop working!!! What kind of firewall stops performing its main purpose to protect your computer? Bad company policy IMHO ... just give 30 days and full functionality for trial period ... period. I think that's fair for wanting nearly $70 for firewall software although it has all the additional features of SpyShelter Premium.

    Edit 2: Removed/Uninstalled SpyShelter Firewall ... eventual unresponsiveness / latency on my system even after re-installation ... still worth trying as it might operate well with your system.

  4. Review - SpyShelter Premium

    9.1 (Jul 1, 2014)

    10 days a bit on the short side to test on my system for the amount of $$ wanted (50 euros [almost $70] )

  5. Review - Yapbam

    0.17.3 (Jul 1, 2014)

    Took a look at the screen shots and I'd like to see a running balance and recurring charges against account to see past, present, future charges/deposits against the account for budgeting purposes and see when account will become negative (red) if I don't deposit additional funds.